Discover. Progress. – Breakout

Welcome to Discover. Progress. the podcast that used to be about Progress Wrestling, but one of us has bacne.

Get it? Breakout? Bacne?

Never mind.

In the latest episode of Discover. Progress. we discuss, and make our predictions for, NXT Breakout.  A pretty great concept, from the crew behind NXT.  Basically, what we are going to get is an 8-man single elimination tournament, featuring a number of their indie scoops, that are ready to go.

We’ll see the NXT debut of Trevor Lee, Shane Strickland, and DJZ…among others.  Of course, they all go by different names now, but it’ll be a fun few weeks anyway.

Oh, and the winner gets a title shot of their choosing.  So buckle up.

Something like this might be a great way to utilize talent in the future.

We also discuss, in brief, Progress Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16…because David powered through and watched it.  In short…if you can, it’s definitely worth your time to watch it.

Coincidentally enough, two competitors in SSS16 are also in the NXT Breakout tournament, in Trevor Lee and DJZ.

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