Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT Edition


NXT is back at full sail.

The show starts with The Undisputed Era in full ready to celebrate Adam Cole being the new NXT Champion. I wonder if he’ll talk about how good he is tonight.

Getting a major nWo vibe from the Undisputed Era tonight and I like it. Embrace the influence.

Velveteen Dream says he’s the reason people watch NXT (not totally wrong). Roddy sure doesn’t like that.

Now Matt Riddle come out to challenge Adam Cole. Cole tries to insult Riddle, but he’s insult proof. Just laughs it off. I like that.

Adding to the opening segment is Tyler Breeze. He’s just here to set up the 6-man tag match for tonight…and to tell people that he’s gorgeous.

Oh cool, Shayna Baszler v Io Shirai is going to be in a steel cage next week for the NXT Womens Title. That’s a first ever for the women in NXT. Looking forward to next week already.

Raul Mendosa is taksed with being the sacrifice to a debuting Damian Priest. “Live Forever” is said a few times here. Looks like Priest is doing a vampire rockstar gimmick? Okay.

Raul Mendosa trying to steal the show tonight with his acrobatic moveset. Damian Priest hits three moves and this debut is over. His finisher is a swinging cutter aka the Cross Rhodes. Hi Cody Rhodes…

NXT is having a single elimination breakout tournament! I love tournaments! 8 wrestlers from the performance center are going to fight for a chance to make it to the main NXT roster.

Jordan Myles “fka ACH”
Cameron Grimes “fka Trevor Lee”
Isaiah “Swerve” Scott “fka Shane Strickland”
Dexter Lumis “fka Sam Shaw”
Bronson Reed “fka Jonah Rock”
Angel Garza “fka Hum3erto Garza”
Joaquin Wilde “fka DJA”

I don’t know any of these guys. Maybe the guys at Discover. Progress. Can help out with these names.

Mia Yim hype video. No hype needed for me, she’s been the real deal since she debuted.

Taynara Conti is in action against Xia Li. Proving ground for both women here. Conti taking tips from Kevin Owens just chatting it up in the ring. Xia Li takes a bit of a beating, but showcased her martial arts style to get the win. She looks like a star already.

A special Championship edition of Street Talk with the Street Prophets. They have a championship parade in front of Full Sail. Very good use of the line to get in. These guys have used everything NXT and the PC have to make their careers so far.

Main event time.
Matt Riddle/Tyler Breeze/Velveteen Dream v The Undisputed Era (Strong/Cole/Fish)

Kyle O’reilly sits this one out. I’m guessing his ladder lacerations haven’t healed yet. Yikes.

Roddick Strong pins Velveteen Dream to end the match.

I find 6-man tag matches hard to write about. Everyone gets their moves in and then the finish starts a fued. This time it’s for the North American Title. Buckle up!

Until next week…