The Ghetto Blast 06/19/19

What’s up hood rats? It’s time to creep crawl through the dark seedy corners of the Sports Entertainment world with your brother from another mother BNB. My Glock is cocked, locked and loaded to shoot my take,Β  so let’s get down on it.

The opening segment of RAW Monday night, and pretty much the whole show was in my view the best attempt in a long time to actually script a decent and compelling 3 hours of WWE TV. Chair wielding Seth FN Rollins is looking like a legit bad ass for once, and the multiple entrances accompanied by multiple Elias beat downs had me in stitches. Add in the 24/7 stuff, another episode of Firefly Funhouse, the fantastic Heyman promo and some great backstage stuff with Roman vs. The Mean Street Pose 2019 and this was easily my favorite episode of RAW in a long FN time!! Here’s hoping the quality story telling continues, and a new era of RAW is born.

Growing up on the mean streets of Millwoods, you had to scrap your way to a bad reputation. There was no better way to discount that reputation than with a greasy old nut shot!! I feel the same is ringing true in the land of tights and turnbuckles. BROCK LESNAR SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO RESORT TO A NUT SHOT!!! For that matter, no superstar that you’re trying to portray as a strong heel or face should have to lower themselves to a bop in the old tallywhacker. Hell, I’m going to go as far as to say it downright killed Shinsuke Nakamura’s push. Turning the unstoppable “King Of Strong Style” into the pathetic “King Of Dong Style”. Chicken shit heels and the odd dirty finish aside, I think the scrotum fest needs to stop.

Outside the fed, I’m really digging ROH’s recent partnership with the NWA. Nick Aldis is a hidden gem, Cowboy James Storm always cuts a good promo and puts on a decent match and how sweet is that NWA National Title Belt? Might be in my top five belts of all time. Just when I thought the writing may be on the wall due to the mass exodus of talent to AEW, ROH continues to be the little engine that could on the Indy scene.

Hope to hear your thoughts and opinions hood rats.

Until next time, it’s all good in tha hood!!