Smackdown is Previewed – June 18th, 2019

The go home show from Smackdown comes to live from Ontario, California. Last night we saw Raw open up with Elias and his beatdown leading into not a bad show, what will SD live bring tonight?

It has been exactly two weeks since the last Moment of Bliss has shown up on a WWE property. That’s a weird way to say that? Well, that’s because once again RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss is on Smackdown to continue the strange feud that is just proving the point that the brand split gets weaker and weaker by the day. Just a weird one heading into SD Live tonight.

What else to watch for:

  • Finn Balor? Anyone heard from Ol Finn recently. The Intercontinental champ was not in attendance last week and no match for him at Stomping Grounds. Will he be in Ontario?
  • The IIconics won a match again roster talent yesterday. Could this be a build up to something?
  • More Shane McMahon content in the form of the Scottish Psychopath?
  • Xavier Woods and Dolph face off. Can Dolph possibly lose this clean? I don’t see it.

And we can expect to see the most entertaining bit of the WWE to continue with the 24/7 title storyline.

What say you AW? Excited?