Mr. Nick’s Notes: Monday Night RAW Edition

06/17/2019 Live from Los Angeles, CA


Right off the bat he just goes right after Anthony Davis getting traded to the Lakers. Fantastic!

Seth Rollins immediately puts an end to Elias with a savage chair beat down. Poor Elias…

Seth says anyone who sides with Corbin will get the chair. Thank God it isn’t that stupid electric chair gimmick.

Miz comes out and gives Elias the Skull Crushing Finale. Poor Elias…

Out comes Lashley and takes out Elias. Poor Elias…

Next up is Cesaro, and you guessed it, swings Elias about 10 times. Poor Elias…

Ricochet heads out and lands a knee to Elias’ face. Poor Elias…

Oh no, Braun Stroman is in the ring. Elias gets those hands. Poor Elias…

Okay, well after all these guys beat up on poor Elias they’re having a fatal five-way elimination match to determine who faces Samoa Joe for the US Title at Stomping Grounds. Stroman does his big guy thing and tosses everyone around for a few mins. Lashley and Cesaro get eliminated but stick around and help Ricochet pin Stroman. That just pissed the big man off and he literally throws Ricochet out of the ring at Lashley. Ricochet and Miz have a decent match after all that. Ricochet gets the win with the 630. Samoa Joe just sits back and laughed the whole time. Then of course he attacks the winner, but Ricochet gets the upper hand.

Pretty awesome having an actual match to start off RAW. That’s a very nice change of pace.

They hype Daniel Bryan v Seth Rollins tonight by saying Seth hasn’t beat Daniel in WWE. Good tease.

The Man Becky Lynch is here to fight as usual. Lacey Evans comes out and everyone falls asleep while she talks. Becky has no time for her yapping and gives her the Beck-sploder. “See you Sunday.”

Baron Corbin has a backstage interview. Seth takes him out with a chair. Seriously La Parka needs to call the gimmick police soon…

Daniel Bryan & Rowan have had the Smackdown tag titles for a few weeks now. Why hasn’t he made Eco-friendly belts like he did for the WWE Title?

The Viking Raiders give Bryan & Rowan a good staredown before beating up on my local talent. Nothing wrong with a little enhancement.

The camera pans the crowd and there in disguise is R-Truth and Carmella. Let the weekly mid card talent race around the arena for the 24/7 title begin.

Lucky for us at home the audio for another stupid Shane McMahon segment isnt working. Heath Slater asks Shane for a raise and he sends Drew McIntyre after him to “deal with him”. That makes me sad. 3MB truly is dead…

A special episode of the Kevin Owens & Sami show is next. Baron Corbin is all set to announce the special guest referee for his match against Seth Rollins…can you guess what happens? Yep! EC3 is the ref…and there it is…Seth takes him out with a chair.


Sami Zayn says they aren’t supposed to be there because they’re not Wildcards. Kofi says he’s the WWE Champion and he can go wherever he wants when he wants. I think that’s fair.

Corbin challenges The New Day to a 6-man tag match. An unconscious EC3 (maybe with some help from Kofi) sanctions the match.

AJ Styles is in the medical room and gets a visit from Dr. Gallows & Dr. Anderson. A (don’t say bullet) Club reunion! AJ tells them to get serious. About time these guys get going on tv. WWE wasting talent 101.

Back to this 6-man tag match, it’s a 2 out of 3 falls match. Sadly EC3 didn’t make it to the ring to ref this match he sanctioned. I’m a big fan of everyone in this match…yes even Corbin… So this should be fun! Woods gets the first fall over Sami. Kevin and Sami abandon Corbin and watch as Kofi gets the win.

When Paul Heyman has a microphone I listen. Even when he takes a cheap heat shot at the local sports team. Maybe just maybe a tease about Brock cashing in. Maybe not…maybe?

Eric Young gets some TV time getting a chair beat down from Rollins for talking to Corbin. Seth is working his chair through former TNA talent tonight.

Usos v Gallows & Anderson
I miss when Gallows & Anderson were good. Clearly they’re building something here, but it’s still sad.

There are two times I cringe when Michael Cole calls an entrance. “it’s boss time!” and “The Big Dog”. Roman has a mic and he calls out Shane McMahon. Is this still a thing? Drew McIntyre v Roman at Stomping Grounds should be great though. Roman takes out The Revival, Drew McIntyre, and finally Shane McMahon after chasing him into the ring.

WWE Womans Tag Team Title Match
The IIconics v Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
Another shot at Lebron and the Lakers. Nice and lazy writing from WWE as usual. Renee gets some love for the Raptors in though. Good Canadian right there.

Bayley is out here because everyone of note from Smackdown is appearing on RAW tonight. I mean, she’s here to mess with Alexa. It works and the IIconics get a rollup win over Nikki Cross. The longest Women’s Tag Team Championship reign continues!

Yowie Wowie, it’s Firefly Fun House time! This week was the most twisted version yet. I can’t wait to see where these go now.

Main Event time!
Daniel Bryan v Seth Rollins
This is a PPV calibre main event…how are they going to mess this up? Oh, have Rowan attack Seth to get Daniel disqualified.
The whole cast of characters from tonight come out and get into a huge brawl.

This match is getting restarted! Sweet! We still get a gem for a main event!

Seth Rollins beats Daniel Bryan for the first time in WWE!

Baron Corbin attacks Rollins with a chair and ends the show holding the Universal Title above his head. Fade to black…