RAW is Previewed – June 17th, 2019

Feels like yesterday was the aftermath of another PPV, and it was. We now head to the City of Angels to see the go home show before Stomping Grounds.

The hype building around this 24/7 title is real and it’s happening as a thing because it’s a title that everyone (seemingly) wants. Jinder Mahal and R-Truth will once again face off as Truth had been shipped to California in a container. Is this the best championship battle we have seen on a WWE property in some time? I think so.

What else to watch for:

  • The Universal title shot will be set up once again from Super Showdown without one ingredient, Brock Lesnar. But they will be mixing in a new element as tonight Corbin will announce his special ref nominee. Our own SonofGod had a look at this earlier today.Β 
  • In a bit of a running theme, we will revisit another title match between Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. Will Evans overcome her deficiency on the mic (compared to Lynch) and take this one?
  • The revival will see more TV time (in what seems like months) as they join Shane O’Macs train of the heel.
  • Daniel Bryan has been named as a wild card appearance as the brand split narrows further and further.

Perhaps the biggest addition to tonight’s card will be the new number one contender match that SonofGod posted about earlier. Who do you think comes out on top?