Mr. Nick’s Notes: Smackdown Live Edition

06/11/2019 Live from Sacramento California


But first MizTV two nights in a row. Oh good Shane McMahon two nights in a row too! #sarcasm

Elias is WAY better playing an electric guitar than an acoustic. WAY better!

Miz has to beat Elias and Drew McIntyre in order to get a match against Shane tonight. Poor Elias is the loser of the group. Drew makes short work of Miz (as he should), and then Shane picks the bones with the worst punches and kicks anyone has ever seen in a WWE ring. I guess any heat is good heat these days. Does indifference count?

Amber Moon playing Switch backstage! Sonya (super) smashed it to the concrete floor. Hope she can afford a new one…rough

Daniel Bryan and Rowan (wearing an Alestorm tee) are taking on the YOLO County Tag team champions which are made of prestigious cardboard…wait, here comes Heavy Machinery, these guys are awesome! They take on the cardboard champs…and are now THE NEW….yolo county tag team champions! I hope they wear the belts with pride.

R-Truth is exhausted being the “7/11 champion” and now he’s locked in a case. Cool…

Sonya Deville w/Mandy Rose beat Carmella. Sonya was really impressive in this one.

Alexa blocked Bayley on twitter? Woah!

It’s time to get meta with The New Day!
This is why Smackdown is better than RAW.

Got a nice booking joke in there. He’s not wrong…when does Big E get a title shot?

Ziggler gets a rematch for the WWE Title after losing to Kofi and it’s in a steel cage? What? Why? Oh yeah, Woods got a shot in. Sure…okay.

Sami Zayn comes out and basically calls me out for the above comments. This is fun.

Bayley v Nikki Cross in a battle of alleged social media bully beatdown? Poor Nikki used to be a killer in NXT, now she’s…not. Sad. Bayley get the win with a Macho Man inspired elbow drop.

24/7 title update. R-Truth is trapped in a case and is being “shipped to LA”. Maybe he can get some rest from his exhausting “7/11 television european championship” defending.

It’s time for our main event of the evening! Isn’t it refreshing how Smackdown live has so many matches? What a concept on a wrestling show.

Not the worst 6-man tag matches, but this crowd didn’t get into it until Big E tagged in and started throwing Ziggler around. One day WWE will figure out that he’s a star.

Ziggler wiffs on some (not so) super kicks and then eats a great “Trouble in Paradise” as Kofi gets the win. The show immediately ends. That’s odd right? I thought so. I’d never do th…