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Theory: Look out Kofi, here comes the money?

You enjoying Kofi Kingston’s reign as the first African-born WWE champ and as one of the harder working guys out there? Good, the WWE wants you to.

You hating seeing Shane McMahon trotted out there, to be one of the few that have beaten a post-Cancer defeating Roma Reigns? Good, the WWE wants you to.

You excited to see heel McMahon take the title from Kofi and dance around on his parade too? You might have to be.

The commish here, and perusing the internet as you do and I stumbled upon a blurb from Kyle Decker  (on twitter

Think about it, Shane is king heel right now. Everyone loves to hate on him and what’s better than a heel taking away Kingston’s storybook champs reign? Nothing in the eyes of WWE creative.

Just picture it with me if you will, Shane O’Mac takes the greasy win over the former WWE Champion. “The Best in the World” will surely be super humble about this glorious victory and not seek out to gloat at all. Thus sets up a reuniting of himself and Roman Reigns at a later date. Reigns will take the title back from evil and the WWE universe will love him for it, right?

What say you AW fans? Is Kyle right? Is this the cliff edge we are heading for with the gas pedal to the floor?

  • *HeartPunch*

    I don’t know if Kyle is right or not, but Shane is on his way to becoming the RASSLING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD ! ! !…because the McMahons run this place. No seriously. They actually do. So since this sh*t is scripted, it’s perfectly “believable” that a doughy 49-year-old non-wrestler could defeat…well…you know. Speaking of David Arquette, hopefully WWE has a “Ready to Rumble”-style movie in the works for Shane O-Mac, or Vince and the Fam are really missing a golden opportunity here. It’s nice to know that the WWE understands its fan-base now as well as the WCW did back then.

    In other news, Mr. Nick has wildly upgraded his headgear. If you’re also wearing a cape, then the two of us can now talk socially, should we somehow find ourselves awkwardly misplaced in the same room. WELL DONE, Mr. Nick!