Mr. Nick’s Notes: Monday Night RAW Edition

06/10/2019 Live from San Jose California

Oh hey, Seth Rollins has a new t-shirt. His punk enspired tee is still his best though.

Super Showdown recap…Now that Rollins has beat Corbin that’s the end of that story forever right? Wait, they’re doing this again at Stomping Ground? I don’t have a good feeling about this RAW…

Sami Zayn comes out and extends this awful start, but then my hero Kevin Owens comes out and gets a main event match with Seth.

Lars Sullivan gets to beat up the Lucha House Party again. Not getting old yet?

R-Truth and the race around the arena for the 24/7 title steal the 1st hour of RAW. EC3 showing love (and probably a desire to go back) for NXT Tag Champs Street Prophets with a red cup.

The Man v Lacey Evans in an interview segment match. I know that’s not a real match…but Becky wins this battle of the words.

Really digging this Bliss/Cross alliance.

MizTV time with special guest US Champion Samoa Joe. More talking…wait a second here comes Braun! Match time? Nope, Lashley comes out. Now Ricochet, then Cesaro.

Is this? Could it be? A MATCH? nope. Commercial break.

IT IS A MATCH! Holy smokes there’s actual wrestling on the wrestling show! Good ole fashioned 6-man tag match to show off these rivals.

I counted 25 rotations of the Cesaro swing! Incredible! Ricochet gets the win after hitting the 630 on Cesaro. Looked like Cesaro hurt his knee there. I hope it’s not serious.

Another match?! Two in a row? Wow!

Becky Lynch & Bayley v Alexa Bliss & Lacey Evans. Lacey gets the win here. Commentary covers for the missed tag in. Doesn’t matter. They got to say Stomping Grounds at least 10 times in this match. Mission accomplished.

Hi Paul Heyman! Yup, he’s talking about his client Ba-rock Lesnar and how he’s going to cash in the money in the bank contract. He also calls Seth Rollins an unworthy champion. That’s 4 people tonight? Laying it on nice and thick. Anyway, Brock can cash in anytime he wants don’t forget okay? Best hype man in the business.

We check in on the trapped in an elevator Superstars. R-Truth is worried that he’s going to lose his “48/7 Television European title”. My goodness he’s the best at this.

The longest reigning (and defending) Womans Tag Team Champions The IIconics have demanded a match against San Jose’s finest. They get a great dig at the Sharks in there. Commentary have a good laugh at the local talent. Iiconics win (of course) and the womans tag team division keeps being 1 team large.

Did Michael Cole just call Super Showdown a joke? What a brave man! No wait, he was talking about how Shane McMahon is a joke. Nice work Cole!

My God Raw is too long…

Pretty sweet that Drew McIntyre got 4 bagpipe players for his 30 second entrance. Hope they got paid for 3 hours.

I’m glad Shane is doing this celebration on RAW and not Smackdown. More time for wrestling tomorrow.

You know when a wrestler says he’s going to beat up the other wrestler and it sounds so unrealistic (looking at you Miz)? Well Drew McIntyre has the opposite effect.

Tag team triple threat match for the RAW tag titles. Now this should be good!

Ryder & Hawkins’ music is too quiet. That’s too bad. Usos had their entrance during a commercial I guess. Plenty of time for Shane to drink out of a giant trophy though…

Tag team wrestling can be so much fun and good. This match was a good example of that. The Revival win the “gold” which is actually silver. Poor Zach Ryder and Curt Hawkins are going to lose forever again now aren’t they? That’s too bad really. Good job getting yourselves over without any help…way to show em Vince.

Firefly Fun House goes back to being twisted after last weeks 90s dance party. Still stealing the show. So unnerving.

Main event time. Seth Rollins v Kevin Owens with Sami Zayn as special guest outside referee. Sami probably thinks he’s a regular Loki around WWE. I’m all for that.

Kevin Owens smack talking while he wrestles will never get old. Never!

I enjoy the special guest referee match. It doesn’t happen often, so when it happens it feels like a classic and not overplayed like a 6-man tag match.

This one desolves into a beat down of Sami Zayn after he ruins the match while Corbin looks on. Seth might have to pay some royalties to La Parka if he uses a chair all the time now. Rollins stomps this RAW to an end.

See you next week!