Jinder Mahal is your new 24/7 title holder

As of 2:32 pm eastern standard time, Jinder Mahal has been crowned the new 24/7 champion. His newest title reign comes as he pinned former Champion R-Truth on the tarmac on the way to Jeddah for the Super ShowDown.

The WWE uploaded this video to their feed this afternoon where we watched the modern day Maharaja roll up Truth and get that 1.. 2.. 3.. before quickly running back onto the plane (that we assume R-Truth will be boarding) before anyone else was any the wiser.

For Truth the loss of his fourth reign as 24/7 champion has to sting but once again, the plane is a small enough venue that I’m not sure ol’ Jinder can keep up the hiding for too long. R-Truth is the longest reigning 24/7 Champion with a combined 17 days as champion.

Jinder Mahal now begins his second title reign (he has held the title for less than one day as he took the title at a golf course before losing it again at the same course) heading over to Saudia Arabia where all indications point to there being much more entertainment surrounding the title.

What do you think AW? Are you liking the schtick? Could you do without it?

24/7 Title Stats

Rank Wrestler No. of
Combined days Combined days
recognized by WWE
1 R-Truth 4 17 14
2 Elias 2 <1 <1
Jinder Mahal 2 0+ 0+
Robert Roode 1 <1 <1
Titus O’Neil 1 <1 <1