Mr. Nick’s Notes: Smackdown Live


The New Day start the show off tonight, but without Big E their into just doesn’t have the same punch or reaction sadly. Kofi is such a cool WWE Champion. Showing his trip to Ghana is a so freaking awesome and touching. Damn.

Oh yay, here comes Ziggler to lame it up…Kofi doing his best promo work ever during this run as WWE Champion. Absolutely out talking Ziggler is an accomplishment.

Kevin Owens has one of the best themes going right now. Teaming up with Sami Zayn again? Sure! Would be cool seeing Sami have a big match on Super Showdown, but he’s not allowed in Jeddah because of his Syrian heritage…

Kofi gets the win and here comes Ziggler with a superkick that lays out Kofi. The crowd? You better believe they responded with a resounding meh.

I love that no one on the show ever talks about how every “A Moment of Bliss” has never ended without multiple interuptions. Great on going joke.

Wait, why does the Womans Title have to be defended at Stomping Grounds and not at Super Showdown? Oh yeah, Jeddah isn’t letting women perform there…

Elias with an electric guitar and they cut to commercial? We all just got robbed.

Matt hardy is dressed up in his Version 1 attire!

Elias wins the 24/7 title and then gets chased under the ring by R-Truth. Bell rings and R-Truth is the 24/7 champion again! While that was happening every other superstar chasing this title forgot what Elias and R-Truth looked like and fought each other in the ring like a bunch of dummies.

Alistair Black cuts another firery promo. It would we pretty sweet if he had a match at Super Showdown…but he’s not allowed in Jeddah because of his Lilith back tattoo (yes really)…

I finally figured out why I dislike Shane McMahon the WWE superstar so much. I can’t suspend my disbelief. It just doesn’t work for me.

The only redeeming part of this Roman v Shane thing has been the rise of Drew McIntyre. I can get used to him hitting the Claymore Kick on Roman every week. Shane can get lost any time now.

This triple threat match between Alexa v Charlotte v Carmella is a main even any other show. Alexa Bliss wins with a little help from Fire & Fury. Why even have a wildcard rule? Just merge the rosters.

Lars Sullivan is going to talk on live tv? I’m pleasantly surprised how well he did. I can’t lie, I’m impressed. The content was gruesome, but it was delivered so well it made sense.

Andrade and Finn Balor is a match I’d love to see many times over the next few years. Both are just so damn good. They could and should be part of whatever answer WWE has for AEW.

Goldberg appears on Smackdown Live for the first time ever. Remember when he had to appear on Thunder all the time because every other main eventer got to say no to Thursdays in WCW?

No pyro in WWE really makes Goldbergs entrance lame. Couldn’t just smoke the place out like they do for Balor or Taker? I’m thinking they can afford the pyro in Jeddah…

Goldberg v The Undertaker is a dream match for sure. It just sucks that most of the time dream matches have to be fought well after their primes. Still a cool visual though. A true videogame moment come to life.

And that was Smackdown Live for this week.