Photo Credit: WWE.com

From the desk of the Commish – Brand Split Anyone?

So the wild card rule was used to allow RAW superstar Alexa Bliss to come over for “one night only” and interview the SmackDown champion Bayley. Innocent enough right? They were obviously going to use her in more of a role than just the interview and so she got inserted into a triple threat match with Charlotte and Carmella. But then she won and now a superstar from RAW is the #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s title. Why?

First off, I have to say it’s good to see Bliss fighting again and for the good of the Women’s division, I hope she stays healthy. I just am left wondering why the WWE thinks their women’s division needs to play duck duck goose with four different champions. Would it be the worst thing?

The Smackdown women’s division has plenty of worthy candidates that I would have been just fine seeing the #1 contender:

Ember Moon-

Moon has been percolating beneath the surface as a budding superstar. Why not give her a chance?


Carmella has been champion before and her work with the 24/7 belt has had her in the forefront of the conversation for a little bit now.

Kairi Sane-

Has held the NXT title and would be a welcomed change to the women’s title picture

Liv Morgan-

Has yet to be used since coming to Smackdown, why not have her pop up as her own kind of wildcard?


Has been there before but is you know, also a part of the Smackdown brand

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville-

Would be long shots, but like Asuka, and I cannot stress this enough, is on the Smackdown roster

Instead, we get the RAW superstar Bliss in her heel role (just a day removed from a will she or won’t she team up with Nicki Cross for the tag championship).

What do you think AW? Am I taking off my “enjoy it mindlessly glasses”? Or should we be wanting some new blood in the title convo?