Mr. Nick’s Notes: Monday Night Raw


Roman Reigns starts off the show. Is it just me or are his pops getting softer and softer these days?

Breaking news! Stephanie McMahon is forcing Brock Lesnar to cash in his money in the bank contract? What the heck?

Shane McMahon is on my tv…I’m walking out of the room.

6-man tag match? It’s not the main event yet. They must be running RAW backwards tonight! Drew McIntyre deserves better than being saddled with Shane McMahon. This guy is going to be one hell of a champion soon.

They just ran about 5 different “happening tonight” advertisements for the rest of RAW. Please please please please please please please watch all 3 hoursplease? We swear it will be good…see all these things that are going to happen? But first…commercials.

MizTV time! Awesome! On this episode Seth Rollins and The Miz try to put a nice coat of paint on a Baron Corbin match. End up talking about Brock the whole time instead. They even showed Brock arriving to the arena. No boombox?

I wish the Lucha House Party were super badass instead of a joke squash for Lars Sullivan. Hey, here’s a fun game…Google Lars Sullivan.

They’re softening up Nikki Cross and I’m all for that. She’s great and shouldn’t just be known as “the crazy lady”.

Can there ever be a Becky Lynch moment that doesn’t involve Charlotte Flair? We can’t even get through a simple promo on RAW. Just like that we went from a Becky/Lacey promo to a Charlotte/Lacey promo to a Charlotte v Lacey match with Becky just standing outside the ring watching. You confused yet? Becky puts and end to the match by slamming Lacey with her new finisher. Thank you Becky.

Samoa Joe is my favorite badass prick heel probably ever. Rey Mysterio is a legend and future Hall of Famer, but he seems to get injured every match now. It’s kind of sad.

An arm wrestling match? Remember during the attitude era when they would have pose offs and dance offs? It’s okay if you don’t, they weren’t memorable then either.

I don’t know why I love that Jinder Mahal showing up to a golf course in full ring gear to get the 25/7 Title, but I did. This title continues to bring some fun to RAW.

Nikki Cross v Peyton Royce was better than that arm wrestling bit. Fight me crowd. Oh no, Alexa spilled her coffee (tshirt plug) and sat in it wearing white jeans. Now this is how true rivalries start!

Brock Lesnar playing mind games with Seth Rollins is great. This is exactly how Brock with the Money in the Bank contract should be. Make the champion paranoid every second of every show. Kick the crap out of him every once in a while and not cash in. Get the crowd heat to a boil. The crowd went dead silent in shock tonight. This is great booking!

Having Becky get into the ambulance with Seth is a nice touch. Also having a very concerned Jamie Nobel is a cool callback to the J&J security days.

The greatest pretape segment in WWE history was aired tonight. Wyatt Gym tee, Husky Harris reference, a Vince McMahon with devil horns puppet, and a 90s training montage! These Firefly Funhouse segments get better and better every week.

HHH and Orton face-to-face promo for….*yawn*…..crowd goes wild when Randy says balls. Sums up this match at Super Showdown.

Time for the match of the night Ricochet v Cesaro 3. I can’t type during these matches because I’m too busy being entertained. I could watch them wrestle every week…but I really hope they don’t so we don’t get tired of their matches.

How long was R-Truth under the ring? WWE doesn’t know how to showcase the 24/7 title yet. It just ends up being a chase around the building scene. It’s coming off like the superstars running after the title holder have no self respect left and have to chase for any title they can get their hands on. I want to like the 24/7 title I really do, but it’s just not there yet.

The Undertaker music will always give me chills. Always. The greatest character in professional wrestling history. His promos are always moments and always captivating. What a way to end this week.