RAW is Previewed – June 3rd, 2019

A week after he snubbed the world arriving at his cash-in moment with a boombox briefcase, B-Bop Brock Lesnar continues his headlining of the RAW show for a third week in a row. We look ahead to that and what else we can expect from tonight’s Monday Night Raw.

As mentioned before, Brock will show up again on tonight’s show and the whole “will he, won’t he” story will play out once more with people wondering if he will get into a match. Is it all just going to be hype for the Super ShowDown on Friday when Rollins is set to face Corbin for the title? Or will Lesnar take the title and set up the first-ever matchup between he and Corbin in Jeddah?

What to expect from tonight’s show:

  • Will he or won’t he?

Your say: Does Brock have a match tonight?#WWE #BrockLesnar #MoneyInTheBank #MiTB

Posted by All Wrestling – News And Rumors on Monday, June 3, 2019

  • The Deadman will arrive to send a message to his upcoming opponent Goldberg in Jeddah
  • The sadness will come as Rey Mysterio will be forced to relinquish his US title after he suffered the shoulder injury at Money in the Bank
  • Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans will continue to butt heads this week even with Evans breaking ties with the Queen

So what say you AW? Will you be shocked if Lesnar gives the snub again? Who do you think will be the next US title holder?