Discover. Progress. – Saying XXV

With NXT Takeover: XXV now in the books, it’s time we take a look at it on the latest episode of Discover. Progress.

This was the first ‘real’ response from WWE, to AEW’s Double Or Nothing. Although, in reality, WWE is still trying to respond to NXT.  We know Takeovers are good, it’s why we come back every 3 months or so – mouths watering in anticipation.

On the card, we had a stellar match between Matt Riddle and Roderick Strong.  We had a ridiculous ladder match between Street Profits, Forgotten Sons, Lorcan/Burch, and Undisputed Era, for the tag titles.  We then had Velveteen Dream defending his North American Championship against the returning Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze.  Shayna Baszler put her women’s championship on the line against Io Sharai.  Finally, Johnny Gargano defended his NXT Championship against Adam Cole, in a highly anticipated rematch.

In short, the show did not disappoint.

We aren’t a ratings/review/results heavy show, on Discover. Progress., so don’t expect that but hear our thoughts and opinions on Takeover: XXV and where we think storylines and performers will go from here.

All we will say here is that Double Or Nothing and Takeover: XXV made for a memorable 7 days of wrestling action.  Here’s hoping we get to see this level of wrestling more often.

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