Discover. Progress. – How Do You Say XXV?

The Commish’s note: The team at AllWrestling would like to introduce you to a new group of podcasters bringing you a different flavor than what you have heard from AW in the past. This is the 10th episode of their pod and we are excited to watch them grow. Enjoy. 

Welcome to Discover. Progress. a podcast that used to be about Progress Wrestling, but one of us has commitment issues.  It’s now just about wrestling in general.

We are fresh off the heels of AEW’s debut show, Double Or Nothing.  It was a pretty good show, with some outstanding matches including Cody vs Dustin, The Lucha Bros vs The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho.  To say that shots were fired, at WWE, would be an understatement.

While WWE’s ‘response’ on RAW was a little understated…would be understated.  This may be their first real response, at least in show quality (maybe not in actual ‘shots fired’) that WWE will offer up, with NXT Takeover: 25.

In typical, unoriginal fashion, we make our picks and predictions.

We also decided to have a little fun, where Adam tries to stump David, with some wrestling trivia.  This may or may not lead into a discussion about NXT, and what they’ve got going on today, for better or worse.

Most of this episode and show, in general, focuses on NXT and NXT UK.  Join us as we continue to Discover. Progress. in professional wrestling. EDIT: This is my transparent way of justifying the name of our podcast that is no longer focused on Progress Wrestling.

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