Mr. Nick’s Notes: Smackdown Edition May 28th, 2019

I haven’t watched Smackdown for a few weeks so starting the show with 5 minutes of vignettes are helping.

I’ll never not be a Kevin Owens fan…even after he wouldn’t fist bump me “due to hygiene reasons” at a live show.

Seeing Kofi with the WWE Title always makes me smile.

Smackdown is already winning the week by having Owens v Kofi start the show. Two great promos before they start too!

Kofi wins with Trouble in Paradise. Enjoying how strong they’ve made his finisher. Instant KO (pun intended)

Shane appreciation night? Warm up the ffd button!

R-Truth is a treasure. Always fun at live events.

Rowan should make a Spotify playlist of all the metal bands he reps each week.

Eco-warrior Daniel Bryan is the best kind of heel. Tells the truth and people hate him for it. Just wish it got more heat.

I think I’ve seen a few guys around town who look like Tucker…seems like a Top Talent…

Mandy Rose is on the cover of a magazine which is great. If this was the attitude era Corey Graves would be WAY more excited about having two copies…

Shane McMahon’s music hit and I walked out of the room.

I’m not lying, I fast forwarded this segment until I saw R-Truth defent the 24/7 title….wait….ELIAS! YES! He’s finally a champion!

I love Bayleys Macho Madness jacket!

Bayley v Lacey Evans Smackdown is stacking the deck with some great matches tonight. The champ wins.

Good thing Charlotte took her heels off before giving Lacey the big boot.

Firefly Funhouse! Best segments WWE have made in a loooong time. I don’t care that it’s a repeat from RAW.

It’s not an episode of Smackdown if there isn’t a main event tag team match put together during the show.

The crowd finally comes alive for the Roman hot tag. No better time than the main event I guess.

Elias was robbed of his 24/7 title…a sad end to an okay Smackdown Live.