Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW Edition May 27th, 2019

EDITORS NOTE: a new segment where our very own Mr. Nick gives his quick notes on what he saw from the show. 

Brock made the suitcase a boom box. The internet wins! Memes rule the world now.

Kofi and Woods get beat up by Ziggler. Smackdown live is off to a great start….wait this is RAW. Ziggler keeps yelling that “It should have been me”, and the crowd could care less.

Shane McMahon is awful and Drew McIntyre deserves better. (but at least he isn’t being fed to Roman) beat him when it matters.

2 Lesnar segments? In 1 night? What is this a PPV? There goes the budget. Seth calls Brock a joke to his face…good thing this is on tv and not an alley. “CASH IT IN”

The made Lesnar a meat-head!! Fantastic acting range! /s

The 24/7 title just seems like a race around the arena and it did a lap inside the ring before leaving as fast as it arrived. 24.7 seconds of tv title.

AJ Styles can’t compete…urge to stop watching RAW grows stronger…

…wait Becky Lynch is on tv! Match against the IIconics? Could they possibly have two solid matches back-to-back? Kinda, Becky wins. Give her another belt please.

Ricochet vs Cesaro? Yes please! This is going to be very fun. New music and the commentary team with heaps of praise…are they finally giving Cesaro a shot? This has been the high water mark of a not great RAW

Switching between RAW and the Stanley Cup Final now during breaks.

There’s a four way match now, seems like Braun vs Lashley throwing each other around.

Corbin has the best finisher, but I still can’t care about him while he looks like the manager of an Applebee’s.

That’s a very unnecessary and elaborate way to get Sami Zayn to say AEW…awful segment.

I missed most of the main event (sorry Seth) because I was watching the last 10 minutes of the hockey game. I’m Canadian what can I say? Looked like Seth tweaked his knee a little so that should be what the Brock/Seth fued will focus on.

Overall, not even the best RAW could follow the expectations fans had coming out of AEW’s weekend. I didn’t expect much and at least got the Cesaro v Ricochet match.