The High Stakes of AEW Double or Nothing

This Saturday one of the biggest events in pro wrestling will take place in Las Vegas. A.E.W. (All Elite Wrestling) “Double or Nothing” is the debut event for the newest company on the wrestling block and the stakes cannot be any higher. The humanoids are buzzing like never before because this show is the beginning of a new era for pro wrestling.

What is AEW and why is this a big deal? Well, the short story is this. Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and The Young Bucks along with the financial backing of Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner Tony Kahn started “All Elite Wrestling” earlier this year.

“The Elite” had put on their own very successful event called “All In” last year which started this whole story. Contracts ended with NJPW and ROH, contracts were offered but turned down from WWE, and a new company was born. Other independent wrestlers have been signed with the biggest name being Chris Jericho.

All of this has been happening online on YouTube with a show called “Being The Elite” every Monday.

B.T.E. Is more or less a scripted show that has been creating storylines since The Elite were in NJPW/ROH. For more of a behind the scenes look there is around 14 episodes called “The Road to Double or Nothing” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxp3mUefk8cVEoHzO_fFXA)  on Cody Rhodes’ channel that have been great. There’s enough content on there to get you ready for Saturday night.

So, why is this such a big deal right now?

Well mainly because this whole thing has been happening online. That was up until a week ago when TNT announced that AEW would have a weekly show on their network later this year. “Double or Nothing” is the first event and will serve as the introduction of this company to the world. The success of this event (which sold out in seconds) will need to be strong so that AEW can sail onto their TV show with a fan base waiting for the change they have been waiting for in pro wrestling.

I’m not sure if you noticed on Twitter recently, but a lot of people have been getting fed up with WWE and want something new to watch. Poor ratings for RAW and Smackdown Live tell the same story. AEW is coming in at what seems like a turning point for pro wrestling. Will it stumble out of the gates or will it blow everyone away? Are expectations set way too high for some fans? (spoiler alert: yes)

I think “Double or Nothing” will meet most of the expectations and be a very entertaining show just like “All In” was. I just hope AEW can ride the wave into their tv show (which I really hope we get in Canada) and provide the shot in the arm wrestling needs these days. Competition is always good for business.

  • *HeartPunch*

    I agree with Nick and possibly with Art (but perhaps not Art’s choice in headgear, no offense)…considering I predicted the meteoric rise of Kenny Omega…highlighted Pentagon, Jr. and showcased The Elite…The…The Elite…on this very website…many…many….months ago…because I am an enlightened visionary rassling genius and the UNDISPUTED MASTER of run-on sentences. But enough about me…

    Seriously, Nick and Art are great guys. The end.