Welcome to the new AllWrestling

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

The Nation Network proudly brings to you, the wrestling news and hype champions of the world? Alright that was all very cheesy but here I am to introduce myself, your Commish. I have been a fan of wrestling since a young lad and when I was given the chance to run AllWrestling (and by given I mean I was in the room when the powers that be asked “who the hell could we get to run this thing”) I jumped in with both feet. Admittedly, I have been disenfranchised in recent years by the writing but the fire of that kid that would get mocked feverishly by his father for watching “fake wrestling” is still alive and this site will be where I let that go.

As for the site, All Wrestling is back and better than ever. The new site is made with you the fans in mind. Our layout is easier on the eye and allows us to take this thing into all kinds of different angles. A new world is born with a new looking site and a lot of room to grow.

Part of that room to grow is within our writing staff. We are looking for passionate fans of wrestling (we know a lot of you are) that want to have their voices heard.

No professional writing experience needed, all I need from you is a message to [email protected] with a brief description of what you would like to bring to the site and if possible an example of your writing.

All applicants will be followed through with and some of you will see your stuff up here very soon.


The Commish