GoFundMe set up for Ashley Massaro’s daughter

With the tragic news of Ashley Massaro’s death on May 16th, the entire wrestling world has been reeling. Superstars from all over, retired, active and otherwise have reached out and reacted to this terrible news. In response, a GoFundMe has been set up with the intentions of giving Ashley’s daughter Lexi some help going forward.

Lillian Garcia put forth the effort to get as many female superstars together as she could pay tribute to Massaro and to let Lexi know she wasn’t alone:

“Lexi, your mom was the kind of girl that she would walk into a room and she’d light it up”

“Lexi your mother had a way of always make everyone feel like they’re the most important person in the world”

“I hope one of our messages clicks for you, you know our number is readily available and we’d love to hear from you”

This touching tribute is combined now in the effort to get together an educational fund for Lexi which has collected just under $10,000 so far in eight hours.

If you have the ability to donate, please do here:


If not, please take some time to share the page, this article or any of the many other heartfelt tributes to Ashley and Lexi.