SmackDown Sampler: Two Big Matches Announced for Friday

Hello AW Universe, Well, the WWE Draft is over, with the roster talent split not-so-evenly between Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, we head into what is theoretically a new era as USA Network and FOX take over their respective brands. The first episode of the latest post-Draft WWE begins with this week’s edition of SmackDown, and we’re already…


WWE “After The Bell” Announced

Hello AW Universe, After an– shall we say interesting..?– week in WWE where they executed the (mostly poorly received) draft, and lost another Wednesday night battle to AEW Dynamite, the changes continue to flow in as they’ve announced a new podcast, “After the Bell.” Breaking: @WWE announces its first-ever weekly podcast #AfterTheBell, hosted by @WWEGraves. #AfterTheBell will launch…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/16/2019

The AEW Championship is on the line tonight as Darby Allin takes on the champion Chris Jericho in the main event. First off, I had to fight with the TSN app (doesn’t play with Chromecast) and then the TSN website to watch this episode. Don’t forget to set your pvr properly folks! Anyway onto the…


Take it to the Table- Hell in a Cell Rant

Hello Gang, I have returned to AllWrestling.com *Huge Pop* and welcome to a new RANT Special of Take It To The Table. Now…If you are an avid Wrestling Fan like me, there’s a high chance you have watched WWE Hell In A Cell 2019, and there’s also a high chance the only thing you can…


WEEKLY GOODS- WWE Draft and “Blockbuster Trade” Edition

Hello AW Wrestling, So the WWE Draft is now over, with USA Network and FOX theoretically happy with their new rosters as we head into was we have been told will be an era of a true brand split for the first time since the original split back in 2002. Though there have been talks…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 10/11/2019

The WWE Draft begins tonight on SmackDown. Who will go to which show? What kind of surprises are we in for? Match #1: Singles Match to determine the first overall pick in the draft tonight. Roman Reigns (SmackDown) v Universal Champion Seth Rollins (Raw) “We many never get to see these two face off again”….


Mock Drafting Raw and SmackDown

Hello AW Universe, This Friday, on the second episode of SmackDown on FOX, WWE will be holding another Draft, splitting the entire company in two (though not really, since Raw is longer and gets more wrestlers). So, in honour of this occasion, two of the Powers That Be here at All Wrestling will be mocking drafting…


Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/9/2019

The second episode of AEW Dynamite is live from Boston. The number 1 contender for the AEW Championship is crowned, and the World Tag Team Championship Tournament begins tonight. I said it last week, but I really enjoy that AEW isn’t shy to educate their audience about who is wrestling or where they came from…


AEW (After)Dark: Results and Review

Hello AW Universe, AEW premiered their new show on their official All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel last night, but what exactly was it and how was it? Will you be watching AEW Dark?Let us know by using the hashtag #AEWDark and share which match you're excited to see tonight. Show starts 7/6c pic.twitter.com/JhT2kC6tkM — All Elite Wrestling…


RAW Reactions: Monday Night Recap and #AEWDark

On the heels of what has been a, let’s say… tumultuous week for WWE, their newest competitor All Elite Wrestling continues on with business as usual, as they continue to add to their weekly lineup. Cody Rhodes announced on Twitter the debut of AEW Dark tonight, Tuesday 8 October, and four of the matches that will…