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NameReal NameAliases
Cedric AlexanderCederick Alexander Johnson 
AsukaKanako UraiKana, Kana-hime, Ramen Woman, Skull Reaper Kana, Tomoe Gozen
Jason JordanNathan EverhartJason Jordan
Buff BagwellMarcus Alexander BagwellChristian, Fabulous Fabian,The Handsome Stranger, Marcus Alexander Bagwell, Marcus Bagwell
Jinder MahalYuvraj Singh Raj DhesiRaj Dhesi, Raj Singh, Tiger Raj Singh
Tye DillingerRonald William ArneillShawn Spears, Gavin Spears
Pete GasPeter Gasparino  
Jack Gallagher Jack ClaffeyJack Anthony, Jack Gallagher, Jack Toxic
Akira TozawaAkira Tozawa 
Noam DarNoam Dar 
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