Ranking the Miz, Asuka and the Top Contenders to Win WWE's Mixed Match Challenge

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

The Mixed Match Challenge is a unique concept for WWE, as it's the first major event centered around men and women teaming together.

Since the Women's Revolution began in 2015, mixed tag team matches have been kept to a minimum to allow the division to thrive on its own.

Thanks to the efforts of all the Superstars and the creative team, WWE's women are no longer seen as a sideshow act and are often able to outshine everyone else on the card.

The MMC is something of an experiment for WWE as its first show exclusively broadcast on Facebook Watch. While the company is pushing the tournament during its weekly programming, it hasn't done much to weave any of the teams into storylines.

The combinations of male and female Superstars are a mixed bag. Some teams make perfect sense, but a few of them seem like WWE threw darts at a wall with names written on it.

This article will rank the five teams most likely to win the Mixed Match Challenge.

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