How to Remake New Day Without Breaking Up WWE SmackDown Super Tea...

How to Remake New Day Without Breaking Up WWE SmackDown Super Team

Friday, January 12, 2018

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods celebrated three years as a unit in the New Day on WWE's main roster last November. Between their tenures on Raw and SmackDown Live, they have essentially accomplished it all in the tag team ranks.

In 2016, they broke Demolition's record as the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history, ending at 483 days. Once their act began to grow stale on Raw, they moved over to SmackDown Live in the 2017 Superstar Shake-up and immediately set their sights on the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Their lengthy feud with The Usos resulted in some of the best bouts in WWE all year and completely revitalized the trio. They also became four-time tag team champs in the process, winning the SmackDown tag titles on two separate occasions.

Since December's Clash of Champions, The New Day has transitioned out of the tag title picture and instead shifted its focus toward the United States Championship. This has marked the first time that any member of the group has expressed consistent interest in vying for singles gold.

Ordinarily, this would lead to speculation from fans that they are on the verge of a split. However, they have showed no signs of breaking up any time soon.

The New Day has dominated the competition on both Raw and SmackDown, and thus being moved into a midcard role would ensure it can remain together while also having new goals.

Woods is the only one who currently finds himself in pursuit of the star-spangled prize and has advanced to the semi-finals, where he will face Jinder Mahal.

Needless to say, Woods is expected to fall to Mahal when they eventually do battle, but that should by no means dash his hopes of one day achieving success on his own. In fact, Woods has perhaps been the biggest breakout star of The New Day, constantly proving his worth in matches against everyone from AJ Styles to Aiden English.

An eventual run in the cruiserweight division could do both him and 205 Live a world of good, while Big E and Kingston also look into branching off into singles competition on the SmackDown side without any member of the group betraying the others (unlike what happened with The Shield).

A former multi-time United States and intercontinental champion, Kingston was an established singles competitor before joining forces with Big E and Woods. He'll never reach the heights he almost did in late 2009, but he can still be a solid hand in the midcard.

Kingston is much more engaging as part of New Day than he is by himself. If he is to break back into the United States title picture on Tuesday nights, it's imperative he continue to be associated with Woods and Big E so he doesn't return to irrelevancy.

Big E, on the other hand, has plenty of untapped potential as a viable contender to either the WWE or the Universal Championships and should soon be elevated to that level.

In past years, The New Day has proven it can hang with the best the company has to offer in outings with Randy Orton, John Cena and Roman Reigns, among others. However, we have yet to see any of the group share singles gold with each other, so that should be something that is experimented with in 2018.

The WWE Championship picture is currently occupied by Styles, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, but there's no reason why Big E can't gun for the gold with New Day in tow later this year. As entertaining a unit as they are, they have been a serious stable at times and could pose a legitimate threat to any main-event player on either brand.

Outside of the tag team division, there are many things left for The New Day to achieve in WWE, and 2018 can be the year they further cement their legacy as an all-time great faction by dividing and conquering.


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