Braun Strowman Continues Run of Wild WWE Moments by Driving Kane ...

Braun Strowman Continues Run of Wild WWE Moments by Driving Kane Through Ring

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

WWE has found a strange and wonderful corner of its world in which to house Braun Strowman.

It is a place where destruction reigns. It's the realm where rings collapse, steel bends and foes like Kane know they will be at the center of a viral, violent moment should they cross paths with The Monster of Men.  

Monday's Raw continued the tradition of presenting Strowman as the creator of chaos, as a man who conjures up the show's most buzz-worthy images.

Kane and Strowman met in the main event. The showdown gave The New Face of Destruction a chance to exact vengeance after his masked enemy betrayed him at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs and stuffed him into a garbage truck.

The match ended with Strowman hitting his trademark running powerslam. This time, though, the ring collapsed underneath them and the two men disappeared into the hole that formed in the canvas.

This was not a clear ending to either the show or the match, but WWE again gave the audience a reason to talk about Strowman. This was another clip to share, another moment in the titan's highlight reel. 

Jason Powell of wrote of the scene: "The stunt at the end brought back memories of Taz and Bam Bam Bigelow going through the stage on ECW pay-per-view."

Strowman has often been at the center of memorable incidents like this. The company has done well to persistently remind fans that he is special and superhumanly strong. It has made sure to script acts of ruin that help The Monster Among Men stand out.

He flung Sin Cara into a Christmas tree last December. In April, Strowman trapped Kalisto in a dumpster and shoved it off the stage. Strowman famously overturned an ambulance. He has broken both a ring and a steel cage in matches with Big Show.

Other wrestlers aren't at the heart of moments like these. At least, not as regularly as Strowman

He's allowed to feel like a larger-than-life monster as a result.

And it's made both him and Raw itself more compelling. As Miami Herald columnist Scott Fishman noted, Monday nights have become must-see thanks to Strowman's destructive feats:

It almost doesn't matter if he wins or not. Strowman looks like a star each time he smashes through something or flings a human like a shot put. And he's almost always one of the most talked-about elements of the show.

The Monster Among Men breaking the ring under his feet with Kane's body is the latest example of that. At the time of this writing, the video of that slam is fast approaching a million views on WWE's YouTube page. Only Roman Reigns' and Triple H's returns have more from Monday's Raw.

WWE has spotlighted Strowman's strengths by making him Raw's resident wrecking ball.

That must continue. Creativity is key to keeping up the momentum, but we need to see more eye-catching moments from this beast. It's the clear path to Strowman continuing to establish himself as a top-tier star.

He is a monster, and WWE is rightly treating him as such, the bulldozing beast leaving rubble and dropped jaws behind him.

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