Jason Jordan Replaced on Survivor Series Team; Is Heel Turn Next ...

Jason Jordan Replaced on Survivor Series Team; Is Heel Turn Next for Raw Star?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

A violent exit from Survivor Series' Team Raw may end up being the best thing that could happen to Jason Jordan.

The suplexing Superstar has struggled to connect with fans as a white-bread, straight-laced babyface. In fact, much of the audience seems to actively dislike him. A chant of "Thank you, Wyatt!" breaking out on Monday's Raw after Bray Wyatt left Jordan hobbled spoke to that. It's Rocky Maivia all over again.

But the remedy could be on its way.

WWE set the stage for a character shift. The humiliation Jordan suffered Monday night could easily be the launching point for a heel turn.

The former American Alpha member was supposed to be the fifth man on Raw's Survivor Series team. But after a battle with Wyatt on Monday, Jordan's knee buckled under him. He claimed he would be fine for Sunday's pay-per-view, but his general manager and storyline father Kurt Angle had doubts.

Angle looked ready to yank Jordan from the team, and Jordan limped out to plead to him. The Raw Superstar tearfully made his case to no avail.

Triple H stepped in, took Jordan's spot on the Survivor Series squad and laid him out with a Pedigree for good measure.

Now Jordan will miss out on a major event. He's sure to feel betrayed by his father. He's bound to be seething with anger.

And that's just what he needs.

As Denny Burkholder of CBSSports.com pointed out, the logical place to go after Monday's events is a heel turn:

Should that happen, Jordan would get to shed his current pure-hearted persona, one that's extremely hard to pull off with today's audience. He would instead get to grow more aggressive, more predatory.

That would be a huge boost for him.

Plus, a heel turn may lead to him feuding with Angle. The tale of the Hall of Famer being Jordan's long-lost father has drawn ample criticism. The story of Jordan plunging a knife into his father's back out of rage would be several steps up from that.

Jordan already has fans booing him. He has vocal detractors in every arena. He would simply have to make use of that existing heat as a villain. 

And he's shown great potential, even if his critics have dismissed his solo run so far.

Jordan looked excellent against Wyatt, with energy radiating off him during the battle. He did well with the vocal part of his duties, too. Even with a set of sappy lines Monday, Jordan showed promise.

Kenny McIntosh of the Inside the Ropes podcast was among those who came away impressed: 

As it stands, Jordan is running uphill. His persona and the soap-opera stories around him increase the challenge of getting over. 

A heel turn would be a better fit and a more organic direction for his character.

Whether Triple H's inclusion was a last-minute choice or part of a slow-burn narrative, the best endpoint is a sneering, merciless Jordan venturing on a revenge tour. That's the way to invigorate him and allow him the best chance to engage fans.

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