Predicting Breezango's Fashion Files Finale and What's Next for T...

Predicting Breezango's Fashion Files Finale and What's Next for Top Comedic Act

Friday, August 11, 2017

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

Championships and closure await Breezango at the end of the duo's absurd and delightful journey.

WWE SmackDown's Fashion Files segments have turned Tyler Breeze and Fandango from little-used, low-card talent to two of the most talked about Superstars on the show. The momentum they have created via off-the-wall comedy is poised to give them the brightest spotlight they have ever had.

But first, a mystery remains unsolved—who trashed Breezango's office?

Fashion Files has been in no hurry to get to that answer. The skits have meandered, veered into subplots about a hobby horse and an alien abduction and done everything possible to stretch things out, to keep bolstering SmackDown with Breezango's act.

That can't go on forever, though. Interest will wane if there isn't a conclusion at some point.

Breezango has eliminated The Hype Bros, The Ascension and The Colons as suspects. The New Day and The Usos are busy elsewhere. There is, however, another team that is easy to imagine being behind all of thisLuke Harper and Erick Rowan.

The two former Wyatt Family members have both been absent on TV. They have both had little direction since leaving their patriarch Bray Wyatt.

To be the villains who have been stalking and tormenting Breezango all this time would make way for a needed opportunity.

Harper and Rowan would be a fun fit opposite Breezango, too. Fashion Files has run on a high concentration of weirdness, and few SmackDown stars are as weird as the guy who brays like an animal in the ring and the bearded bruiser who wears a steampunk-inspired sheep mask.

But even when Breezango's enemies reveal themselves, WWE isn't going to want to end Fashion Files just yet.

The segments have been reliably entertaining. They have been the perfect dose of humor on a show heavy with aggression. And as the folks at Shoulders Up podcast pointed out, Fashion Files is reminiscent of the envelope-pushing broken Hardy shtick we saw on Impact Wrestling last year:

Plus, Breezango's antics have created buzz outside the wrestling world.

The pair's Twin Peaks parody pulled in an impressive amount of mainstream coverage. TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated were among the outlets to cover Breezango's antics.

WWE is going to milk this for as long as it can.

There will likely be a new case for Breezango after this one. SmackDown will continue to be a place of experimentation, and Breezango will be regular parts of the show.

All that will lead to them eventually capturing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

Funny teams more so than funny singles competitors eventually win gold. Team Hell No did it after their anger management sketches caught on. The New Day reigned for a long, long time after winning over the crowd with ridiculousness.  

Even Too Cool managed to win the tag titles.

Breezango will be the next silly squad to ride humor to the top of the tag team division. Following SummerSlam, Breeze and Dango will crack their case amid a major push as they add their names to the list of WWE's most surprising champions. 

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