WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Review: Top Highlights, Low Points of SmackDown PPV

Monday, June 19, 2017

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

If there were a fifth candidate to add to the so-called "big four" pay-per-view events in WWE, the most likely option would be Money in the Bank, which has become a staple of the year similar to what King of the Ring used to be.

This year, however, everything felt a bit bland as Money in the Bank 2017 was not only sectioned off as a SmackDown-only event, but heading into the show, only five matches were announced—three less than the average for a regular pay-per-view.

To say this made it feel less important than previous years is not an understatement, but WWE tried to offset this.

Not only would there be a second ladder match but for the first time, it would be representative of the women's division, taking another leap forward in promoting that section of the roster to a more equal playing field.

Looking at the card, it was a mixture of serious potential and a bit of an empty feeling where fans could ask themselves if that was really all we were in store for.

With that being said, how did things pan out? Were there more positives or negatives throughout the night and which moments stood out for better or worse?

It's time to look back on what happened at Money in the Bank 2017 and single out the biggest highlights and low points of the evening, presented in order of appearance.

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