WWE's Worst Match of the Week: The Great Khali vs. Kane on Monday Night Raw

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This Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view featured some phenomenal matches, but last week’s SmackDown and this week’s Raw? 

Eh, not so much. 

Given that Monday’s Raw episode revolved around a Beat the Clock Challenge, we all knew that the show would be highlighted by a number of really short matches. 

My hope, though, was that those matches would primarily feature up-and-coming talent like Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler.

There was, unfortunately, no sighting of either Rhodes or Ziggler in the Beat the Clock tournament. But we did get to see someone who everyone loves to see competing in the ring, Jerry Lawler. 

That was sarcasm, folks. 

If I’m just being honest with myself, though, I would have gladly watched Lawler wrestle 10 matches if it would have meant that I was able to avoid seeing the retina-burning catastrophe we witnessed in the second hour of the show. 

I’m talking, of course, about Kane vs. The Great Khali, which should be in the running for the “Worst Match of the Year” award by every wrestling publication on the planet. 

Good lord, how awful was this match? 

The Great Khali makes the simplest of wrestling moves look like he’s trying to solve a calculus problem in his head while simultaneously executing the move. 

I mean, he literally can’t do anything well. He can’t walk, he can’t sell, he can’t freakin’ wrestle… 

Ahhhhhh!!!! It drives me crazy just thinking about how bad Khali is, and how he gets even 10 times worse when paired up with another big man. 

Kane vs. Khali should never happen again, and neither should Khali vs. Big Show or Khali vs. anybody who’s over 6’5”. 

I’d love to say that Khali should never wrestle a match again, but someone somewhere in the WWE has an obvious infatuation with Khali and will continue to keep him on TV. 

I’m starting to DVR Raw now, though—that way, I can at least fast forward through anything that involves the worst wrestler in history.


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