10 Greatest Tag Teams of the Attitude Era

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There are many things that the Attitude Era did better than the modern-day WWE. Whether it was edgier, controversial storylines, or just extreme pushing of the boundaries, the Attitude Era had it all.

One thing it had in abundance though, was awesome tag teams. The kind of teams that would go on to become legends of the company—in both singles and doubles competition. There were plenty to choose from, and I'm sure everyone had their favourites growing up—I certainly had mine.

What defines a tag team as the "greatest" of a particular era? There are several factors taken into consideration for this list. The number of times the team picked up the highly prestigious tag team title belts is, of course, one factor that comes into play.

There's also the entertainment factor. Tag teams of the Attitude Era were highly entertaining to watch and listen to, and the teams who head up this list certainly had that credential in abundance.

Longevity also comes into play—whether the teams were successful as a pair for a prolonged period of time. Finally, there's overall success in the company throughout their respective careers.

The 10 teams on this list helped to contribute to one of World Wrestling Entertainment's golden ages—the Attitude Era.

So, lets take a look at the 10 greatest tag teams to have graced the Attitude Era.

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