Why You Should Expect Kane to Soon Join the Wyatt Family

Why You Should Expect Kane to Soon Join the Wyatt Family

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

It's not hard to picture Kane as a member of the Wyatt Family by the end of the summer.

After attacking R-Truth, Bray Wyatt addressed Kane in his promo and told him to follow the buzzards. Simply put, he was telling him to join the Wyatt Family. Find me better creative for Kane that is more likely to happen.

Kane can't be a babyface right now. He is coming off one of the best babyface runs in his partnership with Daniel Bryan. If he tries to go out and be a babyface now on his own, it will be flat. He'll lose more than he wins to help put guys over. We've seen this story with him before. It always ends with him going away and returning a heel. So let's just skip the bad babyface stuff this time.

I don't think we're going to see The Undertaker join Kane for a SummerSlam match to take down the Wyatt Family. The Undertaker will work when he wants to work, and that's WrestleMania season. He's enjoying his money, his hobbies and the McCool side of the pillow.

Even if The Undertaker joined Kane for one match, what does that do? The Wyatt Family lose the match and that doesn't help them out. If The brothers join up for one night—Undertaker will be gone the next day and Kane is left back alone for a dry, uninteresting babyface mid-card position.

If major injury to top stars was a situation, a call for The Undertaker would be more warranted. However, the projected SummerSlam card is looking to be CM Punk versus Brock Lesnar and Bryan versus John Cena. No need for The Undertaker.

Kane is at a point in his career where he has freedom in the range of his character. Fans got so much consumption of the same big red monster for so many years that the legacy is withstanding. No matter what Kane does anymore, he is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame. So, they took a gamble on putting him in anger classes with Bryan. It turned out to be one of the biggest runs in Kane's career.

A run as a follower in the Wyatt Family can't hurt him. There is such distraction and attention on Bray Wyatt that Kane can line up and only add credibility to this act. I wasn't in favor of adding a bunch of guys to the group, but the more I think about it, seeing a repackaged Kane works.

It will make sense on screen that the first guy who the Wyatt Family brutally beat down gets brainwashed and joins their cult. It also makes sense if you look at it from a deeper, more behind-the-scenes regard. Kane following Bray Wyatt is a true stock evaluator of how important Wyatt is in the eyes of WWE brass now and for the future.

He's HOF material for sure. If WWE wants him to help out younger guys, he's better fit to do that in a role like aligning with the Wyatt Family rather than being a soft babyface who loses.

Imagine Kane still having his mask on but wearing clothes that are more appropriate to the Wyatt gimmick. His height standing alongside Luke Harper and Erick Rowan while Bray preaches his rhetoric could do a lot for everyone involved.

Give us the Wyatt Family beating down person X. Kane's pyro goes off, here comes Kane walking to the ring and he chokeslams person X. He drops to his knees and salutes Bray Wyatt. You've got people talking and you've got momentum for the Wyatt Family. A lot better than Kane coming back to fight them, losing and then being an obscure babyface floating along.

This is the reality of the situation. Follow the buzzards. Follow the reality.


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