Are the Usos Finally Catching on with WWE Fans?

Are the Usos Finally Catching on with WWE Fans?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

The Usos have been in WWE for a decent amount of time as a tag team without ever having broken up, but they have never seemed to take off as contenders.

Their entertaining entrance, battle cry during matches and highly energetic and hard-hitting style make them a great team. The fact that they are twins from a famous wrestling family is a huge bonus too, but they have never had that big of a chance at stardom.

Today's wrestling world is not what it used to be. Tag teams used to stay together for years while going from territory to territory and promotion to promotion without ever breaking up.

Now, if you are in WWE, the shelf life of your tag team seems to be a year or two at the most. The Usos have outlasted that trend, and they finally seem to be connecting with the fans enough to be pushed.

The addition of face paint similar to what was worn by their father was a great way to connect the Usos to their family for older fans, while standing out in a new way to younger fans.

However, what really matters is how well a team performs in the ring, and these guys can perform like no other team on the roster. They can do power moves, fly from the top rope, hit brutal kicks to anyone at any time and, best of all, they can actually wrestle.

They know how to get a crowd fired up with their signature double-team moves. Plus, using some of their dad's old tricks certainly endears them to some of Rikishi's fans.

What needs to happen now is a real feud with The Shield for the tag team titles. They don't have to win the belts right away, but looking like a team hungry for titles is a good start.

A better start would be giving these guys at least one piece of merchandise. WWE can slap a logo on anything, but The Usos have gone just over three years and they don't even have a shirt.

Even Hornswoggle has a shirt and a cardboard cut-out standee. The standee, ironically, has the highest selling price, being even more expensive than a much larger John Cena, while also being the smallest of the life-sized standees available.

If WWE wanted to push these guys, it could do two very simple things. The first would be to have face-paint artists at shows to give kids, and adults with a child-like sense of fun, the same face paint as The Usos.

There are local makeup artists everywhere who would work a show for 5-6 hours for $100 and who could give kids the exact same design Jimmy and Jey have that week in a matter of minutes for each kid. Hire six of them for $600 and place them at various points around the arena, charging $5 per kid for makeup.

The profit would kick in after 20 kids per artist, which could easily happen within the first hour if they start outside before the arena doors open. This way, cameras could show kids with The Usos face paint all over the arena, making The Usos look really popular to viewers at home.

Believe it or not, perception plays a big part in popularity. If someone looks like he is popular with the crowd, then he will keep getting more popular with viewers at home. Some might call it "hopping on the bandwagon."

The second thing WWE needs to do is give the team a shirt fans can buy. A basic tribal design with their names would work fine.

This team has all the in-ring ability necessary to put on exciting matches, and fans always seem to get into their antics and chant along with them. The Usos have the potential to form a connection with WWE fans, and they have done so with some fans already. It's time WWE gave them the chance at carrying the division they were born to rule.



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