WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Superstars That Can't Afford to Lose

WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Superstars That Can't Afford to Lose

Monday, May 13, 2013

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

The WWE has started to take more pride in the Extreme Rules pay-per-view each year, but if the company wants to make the 2013 edition important, certain superstars can’t afford to lose on Sunday.

From Brock Lesnar to Ryback to World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler, there are several huge names that must be booked victorious for the future betterment of their characters.

All of the following wrestlers should be in line for a win at Extreme Rules and a big push following the marquee victory.


Brock Lesnar

After losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 29 in one of the more brutal matches the WWE Universe will experience in the PG Era, it would be foolish for Brock Lesnar to take the loss once again at Extreme Rules.

Triple H is a bona fide superstar for the WWE, but he doesn’t have the mainstream appeal of Lesnar.

The former MMA and WWE champion has the cache with the casual fans to sell pay-per-views, and the company should be looking to build him as a top draw.

Once Lesnar is once again built as one of the WWE’s most powerful heels, that’s when the company can use the part-time superstar to put over one of the fresher faces that could develop into the next possible John Cena.

This all starts with Lesnar avenging his WrestleMania loss at Extreme Rules.



While all the odds have been stacked against John Cena in the build to the WWE Championship match against Ryback—the last man standing stipulation and Cena’s Achilles injury—most fans believe that Cena is still the favorite to retain the title.

Ryback can’t lose another PPV main event.

Despite being billed as an absolute monster, this is a superstar that has lost at every PPV since Hell in a Cell. For the sake of the credibility of this character, the WWE must stun the world and give the company’s marquee title to Ryback.

As well as Ryback has been booked on TV, his PPV record is awful and it only fuels the questions about his chances of being a top star for the WWE.

If Ryback wins Sunday, though, the company will have a bona fide main event star on its hands.


Dolph Ziggler

After cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Dolph Ziggler must successfully retain his title against both Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio in the triple threat ladder match on Sunday.

Ziggler is dealing with a concussion (h/t WWE.com), so the long-term health of the superstar is most important.

If he is medically cleared to perform, the WWE can protect him by having much of the match feature Del Rio and Swagger battling until the champ runs in late and steals the title.

No matter how the company has to get Ziggler the belt, there is no questioning that it is far too soon for the champion to drop the World Heavyweight Championship.

If the WWE is building for the future, The Showoff must walk out of Extreme Rules victorious.


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