Big Show vs. Ryback Will Happen in 2013

Big Show vs. Ryback Will Happen in 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

Big Show has spent the last few months embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Sheamus. Meanwhile, Ryback has had his hands full with CM Punk and The Shield. However, the two now seem destined to cross paths in 2013. 

Ever since he debuted in April 2011, Ryback has been booked to be one of the WWE’s most dominant superstars. He’s only lost three matches in his career so far, but all ended in controversy—one with a low blow, another with the debut of The Shield and another without Ryback getting pinned.

The creative team protected Ryback more than anyone in the WWE in the second half of 2012.

Well, anyone besides Big Show, that is.

Big Show’s career seemed dead in the water in early 2012, but he had a miraculous turnaround in the latter half of the year. After turning heel at Over the Limit last May, he worked his way to a World heavyweight championship feud with Sheamus

At Hell in a Cell, he then did what no one had done all year—he beat Sheamus clean. 

In doing so, Big Show won the World heavyweight championship, ending Sheamus’ seven-month long run with the belt. He also solidified himself as arguably the most dominant superstar in the WWE

Big Show surprisingly lost the World title at this week's SmackDown tapings, but I don't think Alberto Del Rio is the man who will truly end his reign of terror. Sheamus probably won't, either.

The man who will do that is none other than Ryback.

Every once in a while, the WWE will book two superstars in such a way that—barring something unforeseen happening—it's clear they will have a head-on collision one day.

That’s definitely become the case with the WWE’s top two monsters, Ryback and Big Show. 

Big Show has wreaked havoc throughout the WWE over the past several months. He even defeated Sheamus clean on PPV twice after The Great White spent the first nine months of the year destroying anyone in his path.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have Ryback, whose momentum has suffered a bit from three big losses at the end of 2012. However, just look at the circumstances of those losses, and it becomes clear that Ryback is still one of the WWE’s most dominant superstars.

A low blow, a three-on-one assault and a loss in which he was never pinned are the only three things preventing Ryback from being undefeated. Furthermore, while he can no longer be billed as “unbeatable,” he’s still majorly over with the crowd and booked more strongly than 99 percent of the WWE roster.

The only man who’s been more dominant than Ryback as of late is Big Show, which is why a monumental clash between the two is something that should and will happen in 2013.

Big Show has been built up so well over the last several months that it’s going to do wonders for whoever it is that finally defeats him and ends his reign of terror.

The person who will do that is going to be someone that the WWE is trying to build up as a major star. Since the Big Show is a heel, it’s going to be a babyface.

The options are limited, and right away, you can scratch off a few of them. John Cena will be busy elsewhere, Sheamus already had three chances and failed, while Randy Orton is in the process of turning heel.

With the WWE’s three long-time superheroes unable to combat the villainous Big Show, a new superhero is going to have to step up in their place.

That superhero is Ryback, who’s been rumored to face Big Show at WrestleMania 29 for months now.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter if it happens at WrestleMania 28 or at SummerSlam.

The Big Show and Ryback are on a collision course right now, and they will go one-on-one at some point in 2013 when the WWE’s most unstoppable heel collides with its most unstoppable babyface.


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