WWE Smackdown Spoiler Sheet: Including a Surprise Heel Turn

WWE Smackdown Spoiler Sheet: Including a Surprise Heel Turn

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Feed Source: WWE Bleacher Report

WARNING! The following is a spoiler sheet for this week’s Smackdown.

Everything is subject to change due to the fact that Smackdown is a taped show. Segments might get cut, added or re-shot altogether.

Glad to be back. I had the week off last week because of the live special Holiday edition of Smackdown. For those who are interested, I gave last week’s show a 5/10, which is below average when compared to some of the episodes the WWE aired in the past few months.

Smackdown begins as the crew sets up the tables and ladders and chairs.


Lilian Garcia makes her return to Smackdown (permanently, not as a guest host) and gets a great ovation from the crowd. I would also like to note the terrible crowd that was in attendance this Monday on Raw.

Booker T makes his way down to the ring, for some reason. But before he can finish his walk the Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes attacks him from behind. So that’s why Booker was walking down the ramp and not sitting behind the desk like he was supposed to. Cody takes Lilian’s microphone and says that he is the announcer for tonight.

Is there anything he can’t do?

Rachel Miller must be loving this.

There will be a Beat the Clock challenge tonight. Who ever can defeat their opponent quicker will choose the stipulation at the TLC PPV. This is of course for the Wade Barrett versus Randy Orton match. This bothers me because these stipulations used to be added to spice up a long running feud, but now they are added in simply because the PPV demands it.

These gimmick PPVs take away from the surprise when you know months in advance that there is going to be a TLC PPV. In the case of the Hell in a Cell matches, we now only get to see them once a year.

Wade Barrett defeats Ezekiel Jackson via Wasteland. Not a great match and nothing was to be expected when Jackson walked out. Wade set a good time, so lets see if Orton can beat it. Randy will be facing the Zig-Zag in the main event.

The Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeat the Chick Busters (AJ and Kaitlyn) when Natalya made AJ submit. Kaitlyn leaves poor AJ and joins the Divas of Doom (or Sisters of Salvation or Pin Up Strong).

I consider this a step up for Kaitlyn. At least now she can watch proper technique from ringside. I would call this a new stable, but Divas seem to band together and drift apart so much these days.

Josh Matthews interviews the Money in the Bank winner, Daniel Bryan, who lost a match last week. Bryan goes after Cole because he insulted him, but instead gets attacked by Rhodes. Is this a future feud or just something to keep both men busy for the time being?

Teb Dibiase defeats Jinder Mahal. I’ll move along.

Big Show and the World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry make their way to the ring where they get into a heated debate. Mark Henry calms down and extends a hand of friendship to the Big Show, which Show accepts. But they start brawling and Henry gets beaten down with a chair.

Sheamus defeats David Otunga in a very quick match. This is fine with me, but I just want to know what they are doing with Sheamus. I understand that they are keeping him strong, but he has not done anything on Smackdown.

He won the WWE twice, the King of the Ring and the United States title. Then he moved to Smackdown to play second fiddle for the Christian vs. Orton feud. Then he feuded with Christian, and that’s about it.

The same "It Begins" promo that aired last Monday airs on Smackdown. After the promo huge Y2J chants broke out, I wonder if they are going to cut that out of the show. There is no way it is Chris Jericho, and I doubt it’s the Undertaker.

Do you want me to tell you who it is? Okay, I’ll tell you as soon as I answer the door because somebody is knocking.

OMG! It’s Braden Walker! Great! Now, I’m bleeding.

Zack Ryder defeats Heath Slater. The Z-6 was very over with the crowd tonight. I can’t wait for his title match at TLC. I also love the build-up to this match; Ryder getting signatures for his petition, Ziggler hacking Ryder’s show, the mystery of who beat up Ryder’s friend, and, of course, Huge Jackman breaking Dolph’s jaw. 

Cody Rhodes defeats Daniel Bryan via disqualification when Booker T attacked Rhodes. I guess the Bryan/Rhodes feud will not happen.

Backstage, Teddy Long is with Aksana during one of their segments. Do you think that her parents are proud of their daughter acting like a hussy on the lap of a 60-year-old man?

Cody runs in and demands a match with Booker.

Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes at TLC for the Intercontinental Title.

Wait, what?

I understand letting Booker get revenge for Cody, but what has he done to get a title shot? Rhodes’ victory is now guarantied at the event (if it wasn’t before) because there is no way the WWE is putting the title on Booker.

Randy Orton defeats Dolph Ziggler with two seconds to waste. It was close but Orton got it done, and he chooses to have a tables match! What? The longest feud in the WWE continues, as Orton wants another crack at the table.

Randy Orton vs. Table (and Wade Barrett) at TLC. You have to watch it! Who knows maybe the Spanish announced table gets in on the fun and jumps Orton.

Dark Match:  Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. The Big Show (Booker T is the special guest referee). The match is interrupted when Cody Rhodes attacks the referee. That’s a new one. It has to be some kind of record for most interferences in one night. Cody is taken out by the Book-End and the audience goes home happy.

Smackdown Rating: 7.5/10. It was an exciting show where we got to see Orton, Ziggler, Sheamus, Rhodes, Lilian's return, Kaitlyn's heel turn, and Bryan losing it. 

Sources: WrestleZone and WrestleHeat.

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