Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Arrested at Hotel, Graphic Mugshot Photos

By MarcMiddleton · Wednesday, January 29, 2014 · 3 Comments
Matt Hardy
- TMZ reports that Matt Hardy and wife Reby Sky were arrested after fighting each other at a motel in Virgina earlier this month.
They were both arrested at the Hampton Inn in Emporia, VA on January 1st around 5:45 AM. They were booked for assault and battery and were released on $3,500 bail.

Reby mugshot

Hardy mugshot

TMZ reports that both Matt and Sky got restraining orders against each other.

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 AW Executive Vice PresidentAW Executive Vice President *
Iconabout a year agoLikeReply
Weren't they JUST married. See what steroids does to you, makes you go craaaaazy! Oh, and nice mug, Matt. At least Reba looked somewhat good still.
 Wrestling RecessionWrestling RecessionHeavy Weight Championabout a year agoLikeReply
Yeah. Definitely not the marriage or the fact that they fight for a living. It was 100% steroids. Steroids cause fights and murders! Just say NO!

 TechnodromeTechnodromeHeavy Weight Championabout a year agoLikeReply
This mugshot is absolutely horrifying!  Look at Matt's hair all Charlie Manson looking.  Dude looks like he's pissed because he didn't finish the job.

How bout some more.  The many mugshots of Matt Hardy!  Steve I think you need to make a blog all about wrestlers mugshots.  I deserve credit for that idea.

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