Young Out of Action for 8 Months?, Sheamus Talks New WWE Title

By MarcMiddleton · Friday, February 22, 2013 · 2 Comments
- Sheamus says he likes the new WWE Title belt but would change one thing about it. He tweeted on Thursday:
"I'm really liking the new #WWE Championship Belt, it has a real Sheamus-y feel to it. MC Hammer can have the old one back. Here's the only improvement I'd make to the new #WWE Championship belt. Well, #StPatricksDay's a coming"

Sheamus Title

- The Wrestling Observer reports that Darren Young could be out of action until October with his knee injury. Young tweeted the following messages on Thursday:

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Young is 100% @WWE! #ClearYoung #PTP2Mania #MOD"

"A wise man once said ,"The 2 most powerful warriors are patience and time." Well who's got the time 2 b patient! #ClearYoung #StrongPTP 100%"

Backstage News on WrestleMania's Main Event + Hot Candid Photos of Lita....

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 TechnodromeTechnodromeHeavy Weight Championabout a year agoLikeReply
It's definitely a cool idea to have something different on the title.  Can't wait to see Punks hand with lighting bolt, or his stars on the title.  Sheamus' idea looks pretty cool too.  Undertakers T would look so good.
 BamBamSavageBamBamSavageJobberabout a year agoLikeReply
I agree. They should replace the nameplates with the symbols for each new champ.
Liked By: Cranky Vince
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