Backstage News on Heyman & Lesnar's Storyline, Heyman Reaction

By MarcMiddleton · Wednesday, May 09, 2012 · 1 Comments

- We noted yesterday that Paul Heyman is with WWE through August's SummerSlam pay-per-view and will be representing Brock Lesnar. Heyman is being used as WWE has Lesnar signed for a limited number of dates.

One idea discussed was to have Lesnar "sue" WWE for breach of contract and money owed, playing off the actual legal battle the two sides had years ago. This angle would include all sorts of viral campaigns, something Heyman is experienced with, that would help get it over as a legitimate issue between WWE and Lesnar.

Heyman is not expected to go on the road full-time with WWE and at last word, he was only involved in the Lesnar storyline and not working WWE creative.

While one of the reasons Heyman has returned is to work with close friend Lesnar, word is that he also returned to potentially work with CM Punk down the line. Heyman has much respect for Punk and will work with him on the upcoming Punk DVD release.

Backstage reaction to Heyman at RAW on Monday was positive. He was warmly greeted by the younger talents as some of them knew him from their time in WWE developmental.

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Source: PWInsider

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 TechnodromeTechnodromeHeavy Weight Champion2 years agoLikeReply
Glad to see Heyman back.  True genius and a great mind in wrestling.  Hope he helps out Punk on his promos.  Punks been lacking on his promos for the last month or two.
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