Talk of Guerrero Going to TNA, Flair Pays Highspots, Gallows-TNA

By MarcMiddleton · Sunday, June 26, 2011 · 4 Comments
Ric Flair
- Sources close to the situation report that Luke Gallows is confident that he will get a contract from TNA after working a dark match last week.
- According to Highspots' Facebook page, Ric Flair has paid the $35,000 that he owed them. They implied that someone else paid the tab for Flair with the following:

"Letting our own social media get the scoop, we have FINALLY been paid by Ric Flair for the debt dating back years ago. No jail time for Naitch. Whichever Angel pitched in the $ for him THANK YOU."

- Regarding Chavo Guerrero going to TNA, people who know Chavo see it as a possibility. TNA had talked about bringing Chavo in several years back when there were rumors that he wasn't going to renew his WWE contract. Also, Chavo's uncle Hector Guerrero is one of TNA's Spanish announcers.

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 PeepNationPeepNationCruiserweight Champion3 years agoLikeReply
Once again TNA bringing in old wrestlers or failed ones from the WWE, come on TNA how about bringing in your own talent and have them grow in your company instead of taking pickings from failed WWE stars as well as older superstars.
 Zack Ryder RevolutionZack Ryder RevolutionUnited States Champion3 years agoLikeReply
asking tna not to bring in ex wwe stars or stars that didnt go over in wwe instead of pushing there own talent is like asking a pig to fly that aint gonna happen.
 thedarksideCruiserweight Champion3 years agoLikeReply
Not sure of his actal age but Chavo isn't that old nor did he fail. If he did fail, I don't think he'd last as long as he did. And don't say he lasted so long because he's a Guerrero & because of eddie & Vickie. He was just underused, underrated and overlooked. He just wasn't used properly which is why he requested his release. Had he not, I believe they would've kept him rather than release them on their own. While I don't like TNA taking ex-WWE stars, in this rare and particular case, I'm glad if he ends up there. Hopefully they'll use them the way WWE should've. I gotta give TNA credit for that. I do wish they'd push their own talent especially the X-Division guys. But they do use the guys WWE had effectively like Ken Anderson who's World Champion right now. Why WWE didn't let young Kennedy get a World Title shot in WWE earlier than he did & win it is beyond me.
 HBKisGODHBKisGODHeavy Weight Champion3 years agoLikeReply
Why didn't Kennedy win a world title in WWE? Because he fu##ed his pushes way too many times . No company will invest in u if u keep getting injured . He was supposed to headline Wrestlemania , or atleast that was the tentative plan when he won MITB. Then they had him penciled in for the 'Who's the McMahon bastard?' storyline . It's not that WWE didn't push him, heck, Taker wrestled him on 3 seperate ppvs , he main evented The Great American Bash with Batista and wrestled Ric Flair in one of his final matches. Kennedy dropped the ball, not Vince McMahon.
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