Sami Zayn Rumor Killer, Anthem/Jarrett Update, Starrcast Location
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Sami Zayn Rumor Killer, Anthem/Jarrett Update, Starrcast Location

By Marchman · Friday, March 15, 2019 · 0 Comments

Sami Zayn

When WWE announced that they had plans to “shake up” Raw and SmackDown last year, they began to air vignettes hyping up the returns of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens has since returned to SmackDown, but Zayn is still nowhere to be seen. There is no news on a return date for the former NXT Champion, but it has been confirmed that it will not be taking place on Monday night. Earlier today, a screenshot featuring a tweet hyping up Zayn’s return from injury for Raw surfaced online. Unfortunately for fans of Zayn, Ringside News has confirmed that the image is fake and is not from WWE’s actual social media accounts. It looks like Sami Zayn will have no choice but to remain on the shelf for at least a bit longer.

Anthem Sports & Entertainment an Jeff Jarrett continue to have a nasty legal battle. Jarrett is suing over Anthem using the early episodes of Global Force Wrestling’s Amped show on their Global Wrestling Network. In the latest update from PWInsider. Anthem tried to have the case dismissed by arguing that Jarrett authorized the use of the footage and that he failed to have an “adequate claim” over the copyright infringement allegations. Anthem also stated that Anthem Wrestling is separate from Anthem Sports and that it was created when the company acquired Impact Wrestling from Dixie Carter. They allege that Jarrett did not understand the difference during their relationship together. Jarrett will have the chance to respond soon.

Before All Elite Wrestling comes to Las Vegas, Nevada with their Double or Nothing event, a second Starrcast event will be taking place. The event is set to feature numerous stars and sessions, including a rare non-WWE appearance from The Undertaker. One of the only details that had yet to be announced is where Starrcast would be taking place, but Sports Illustrated has confirmed that it will be held in Caesars Palace in Vegas. Starrcast founder Conrad Thompson said that the location holds a special place in wrestling history (it hosted WrestleMania XIX) which led to the venue being selected. Starrcast will be held over Memorial Day weekend from May 23-26. More details on the event can be found in the tweet posted below:

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