Styles On Orton & WrestleMania, Noam Dar's Message For NXT UK
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Styles On Orton & WrestleMania, Noam Dar's Message For NXT UK

By sonofgod210 · Friday, March 15, 2019 · 0 Comments

AJ Styles
As previously reported, The WrestleMania 35 Matchup between AJ Styles & Randy Orton has now been made official. AJ Styles recently took to Twitter and responded to Randy Orton's promo from last Tuesday night's episode of SmackDown LIVE, saying that he has been holding things down long before he came to WWE.

Styles wrote, "I've been holding down this house way before I came to @WWE. The lights may not have been as bright, the audience may not have been as big...but a ring is still a ring. And any ring I step into belongs to me. #WrestleMania"

You can check out AJ's full tweet below:

Last Wednesday night's episode of NXT UK saw Noam Dar make his return and declare that he is there to stay. His promo was then interrupted by Mark Andrews, who ended up kicking Dar out of the ring. Below is a post-show video of Dar talking to Radzi Chinyanganya. Radzi asked Dar about his return to NXT UK and his change in attitude.

"Radzi, there's not been a change, there's been a realization and understanding," Dar said. "For a year I've been watching NXT UK become what it has become, all these guys becoming big stars. They need to remember that long before NXT UK was a thing, I was the top guy in the United Kingdom, and it was only because I went to the bright lights of the USA - Monday Night RAW, 205 Live, every week, it was only because I went over there, that they are allowed to be the stars of today. The lot of them, I will slap every single one of them..."

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