Retro & WWE Series 96 Pre-Order, Mr. Perfect RetroFest Coming
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Retro & WWE Series 96 Pre-Order, Mr. Perfect RetroFest Coming

By Marchman · Thursday, February 28, 2019 · 0 Comments

Sasha Banks

More wrestling action figures were put up for pre-order not too long ago, and these listings are for the 96th basic action figure series from Mattel, as well as their new lineup of Retro figures. Additionally, there will be a new RetroFest figure coming to Gamestop very soon.

Starting off with Series 96, this next set of basic action figure from Mattel will consists of five new versions of popular WWE competitors. Each of these wrestlers are people who currently compete on the television, so there aren't any "Flashback" figures to be found here.

Series 96 features the following figures:

Bobby Roode - The former Raw Tag Team Champion's new basic figure sees him wearing black trunks with his name written on the front of them.

Sasha Banks - Banks' new figure debuts a new smiling headscan for "The Boss," and she is also wearing the Wonder Woman-inspired ring gear that Banks has competed in a couple of times before.

Sami Zayn - Zayn has new brick design ring tights from his days teaming with Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens - Owens' figure includes his "Fight Anyone" shirt and shorts, as well as his accurate tattoos.

Daniel Bryan - Bryan gets his first wrestling figure since returning to the ring last year in Basic 96. It's made in his usual red, black, and white ring trunks.

The full series or individual figures can be pre-ordered here.

Retro Series 9 will consist of the following:

Goldust - A "Flashback" Retro figure with a removable blonde wig.

Samoa Joe - Joe is wearing his green and black ring shorts in this figure, and he is also sporting one of his t-shirts too.

Randy Orton - "The Viper" himself has a new Retro figure with some of his tattoos represented and a bearded headscan.


Randy Savage - Joining the Retro lineup for the first time is this WWE Hall of Famer. The "Macho Man" is wearing green ring trunks, sunglasses, and a bandanna.

Retros can be pre-ordered here.

It has also been announced that the next RetroFest figure from Mattel will be based on WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect. Perfect has a new headscan here, as well as his entrance towel, and the old school Intercontinental Championship. Be on the lookout for this figure as it will be hitting Gamestop store very soon.


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