Paige Comments on Ambrose vs. Nia, New WWE Network Additions
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Paige Comments on Ambrose vs. Nia, New WWE Network Additions

By sonofgod210 · Monday, February 11, 2019 · 0 Comments

As previously reported, after the two had a run-in on RAW a couple of weeks back, Dean Ambrose is scheduled to face Nia Jax at a WWE Live Event in Jonesboro, Arkansas on February 22nd in an Intergender Special Attraction Match. Paige recently commented on the upcoming match by saying, "Yessss an actual intergender match! Couldn't be happier for my girl Nia Jax killing it every damn day! You better werkkkk sis!"

Almost every week, The WWE Network has new content added to it's on-demand video library. Below are this week's new additions to The WWE Network including the debut of the documentary about Mark Henry, The Mark Henry Story:

- Monday = The Edge & Christian Show (11PM ET)

- Tuesday = 205 Live (10PM ET)

- Wednesday = NXT UK (3PM ET), NXT (8PM ET)

- Friday = This Week in WWE (7:30PM ET)

- Sunday = Elimination Chamber Kickoff (6PM ET), WWE Elimination Chamber PPV (7PM ET) and The Mark Henry Story (10:30PM ET)

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