Bischoff Releases Tedx Talk; How Wrestling And Cable News Is Same
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Bischoff Releases Tedx Talk; How Wrestling And Cable News Is Same

By TheMark · Friday, December 7, 2018 · 0 Comments

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Bischoff Says Both Are Designed to Make You to Feel and Not Think     
November 30, 2018 – Westwood One announces American entrepreneur, podcaster, professional wrestling writer/producer and on-screen personality Eric Bischoff just released a TEDx Talk that reveals professional wrestling and political news content follow the same formula. In the roughly 16-minute presentation titled, “Why The News Media is Stealing From the Pro Wrestling Playbook,” Bischoff formats his talk like a pro wrestling event, explaining how pro wrestling works, and how it’s eerily similar to cable news. Bischoff’s dramatic TEDx Talk is available now
Bischoff says professional wrestling and news are two of the most enduring forms of content in America, and he comes prepared with proof that the two are the same. He says the goal of both is to make people feel, not think, and even shares current and past politicians connected to sports entertainment, in making his point.
“The first rule of producing professional wrestling is to know that when it comes to the audience, it doesn’t matter if they love or hate a wrestler. As long as they feel passionately one way or another, business will be good,” said Bischoff. “Cable news is a similar art. The next time you’re watching the news and you find yourself getting angry, you will realize that is how they want you to feel. It’s not about informing you or making you think. Just like professional wrestling. This is a bipartisan phenomenon, and we need to react with awareness of this tactic.”
About Eric Bischoff
Eric Bischoff can be heard on his weekly podcast 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network. The show features Bischoff and popular wrestling podcaster Conrad Thompson taking a deep dive into the highs and lows of Bischoff’s unparalleled success in the wrestling business. His story is extraordinary: In the mid-80s, Bischoff entered the wrestling community as a “C-Team Announcer,” and a few short years later, he was President of Turner Broadcasting’s World Championship Wrestling. He signed Hulk Hogan and started Turner Network Television’s Monday Night Nitro, created the nWo, and beat Vince McMahon’s Monday Night RAW head-to-head in Monday Night Wars 83 consecutive times. Listen and subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and the Westwood One Podcasts App.
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