Ronda Rousey Discusses Nia Jax, Working Her First Dark Match
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Ronda Rousey Discusses Nia Jax, Working Her First Dark Match

By JosephSpencer17 · Friday, December 7, 2018 · 0 Comments

Ronda Rousey

WWE RAW Women's Champ Ronda Rousey conducted another one of her question and answer sessions with fans following the much-panned RAW show in Milwaukee. 

Ronda discusses a lot of different topics over the course of the two videos. In the first one, she answers about what it was like to field an impromptu challenge to her title from Mickie James the night after taking a beating from Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series and her mindset into what it takes to be a true champion. You can see her answers to these questions and more in this first video below:

In the second video, the Baddest Woman On the Planet talks about the mystery of Nia Jax, how awesome Natalya is to her, how not awesome the Riott Squad is and working her first ever dark match. To see her responses, watch the second video below:

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