Exclusive: WWE RAW Overruns Are Done For Now
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Exclusive: WWE RAW Overruns Are Done For Now

By sonofgod210 · Thursday, November 8, 2018 · 0 Comments

WWE is making a big change to WWE RAW that we haven't seen in decades. WWE RAW will be a firm three hours long, at least as things stand now.

According to Fightful.com, WWE Monday Night RAW has a hard "out" time of 11 PM ET as opposed to the soft end time that they have enjoyed since The 1990s. It is being said that this will begin with next Monday's edition of RAW and will continue for the foreseeable future. This is already the case for WWE SmackDown LIVE on Tuesday Nights.

WWE RAW's overrun has been a staple of the show for years, dating back to The Monday Night Wars when the company was locked in a vicious ratings war with rival World Championship Wrestling. The two sides would often tinker around with starting shows earlier or staying later in an effort to gain a competitive advantage over one another. The overrun would stick around even when WWE didn't have competition.

The overrun gives WWE additional screen time, but also allows for flexibility on the show if a segment goes long. A source close to the situation indicated that this is likely a USA Network call.

WWE has been contacted for a comment or official statement on the matter, but they haven't responded as of yet.

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