WWE NXT Results - November 7th, 2018
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WWE NXT Results - November 7th, 2018

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  The build to NXT Takeover: WarGames is now firmly underway. The titular WarGames match is set, and Aleister Black will be receiving the chance to get his revenge on Johnny Gargano during the show as well. This week's episode of NXT continued to hype up those matches, as well establish The Velveteen Dream as a worthy contender for the NXT Championship. Before Takeover talk began though, it was time for a tag team match between rising team The Forgotten Sons and Heavy Machinery.

Heavy Machinery vs. The Forgotten Sons -

  Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight entered Full Sail University beloved as usual. They faced Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake from The Forgotten Sons as Jaxon Ryker watched from ringside. The Forgotten Sons have only made a few appearances on NXT TV so far, but they have been successful in their matches thus far? So how did they do against Heavy Machinery on this show?

  The match began with Tucker Knight and Steve Cutler starting the match off. Cutler is still wearing a protective face mask due to a broken nose. He ultimately got the better of Tucker early on, and he and Blake began to make frequent tags to one another as they assaulted their opponent. Knight fought back with a splash onto both men, allowing him to get to the other side of the ring and make the tag over to Otis Dozovic.

  Dozovic runs roughshod over everybody as he and Tucker hit powerslams on the Forgotten Sons. Otis spun Steve Cutler around momentarily before delivering the slam as well. That was then followed by splashes, and of course, an elbow drop following the worm.

  Both Forgotten Sons continued to fight back though as Cutler made the tag to Blake. The former NXT Tag Team Champion began to wear down Dozovic and was even able to get a two-count on his much larger opponent. With Cutler back in the ring next, Otis was taken down again before Blake came back with a leg drop. Blake goes for a a few submissions maneuvers and is nearly able to put Otis to sleep. However, Blake is eventually dealt a powerbomb before Dozovic finally tags in Tucker Knight.

  Tucker clears the ring and goes up to the top of the post in the corner of the ring and leaps onto Steve Cutler. Wesley Blake tried to get the win by using a surprise ambush on Knight. Otis was able to even the odds and shoo Blake away. After this, Otis Dozovic was tagged back in, and it appears as if Heavy Machinery are about to get the win until Blake pulls the rope down and sends Tucker Knight falling down to the mats outside of the ring. Despite this, Knight was still able to prevent Cutler from flying off of the top turnbuckle, which allowed Otis to get the win following a huge powerslam.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

  After confronting Nikki Cross on NXT last week, Candice LeRae was interviewed outside of Full Sail. She refused to answer questions about her husband, Johnny Gargano, stating that she did not come to NXT to be exploited. However, shes does want to get some answers out of Nikki Cross. She said that she will be asking William Regal for a match against Cross in the future.

  Shayna Baszler took part in an interview backstage while Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir accompanied her. Duke and Shafir helped their fellow Horsewoman regain the NXT Women's Championship at Evolution a few weeks ago. Baszler isn't intimidated by Kairi Sane wanting a rematch for the title, but then William Regal enters the room to inform the new champion that she will be putting her title on the line against Sane once again in a 2-out-of-3 falls match at NXT Takeover: WarGames.

Dakota Kai vs. Taynara Conti -

  Conti makes her first televised appearance since losing the Mae Young Classic in this match against Dakota Kai. Although the Brazilian star was able to get in a few shots during her match on NXT this evening, it was still not enough to defeat the leader of Team Kick.

  Taynara started off the match by going right after Kai. She beat down Dakota until she tried to hit her with a big boot. Kai caught the boot just in time, which immediately startled Conti. She tried to explain herself to Kai, but the New Zealander wasn't buying any of it.

  Kai dropkicked Conti down to the canvas and then dished out a big kick in the corner of the ring. Taynara continued to kick her opponent and even connected right in the face for a two-count. Once that failed, Conti began to target the injured right wrist of Dakota Kai. After being worn down in the middle of the ring, Kai finally snapped back into it, rose up, and continued to battle. Kai ended up delivering another boot in the corner before putting Conti away with a backstabber.

Winner: Dakota Kai

  New NXT Superstar Mia Yim was asked about being offered a WWE contract following the Mae Young Classic. Yim talked about what a dream come true it has been to train in the Performance Center and work with the best athletes in the business. She was interrupted by Bianca Belair who couldn't understand why Yim was being interviewed when Belair herself is still undefeated in NXT. Yim simply reminds her that she may be undefeated but she hasn't beaten the "Head Baddie in Charge." Belair leaves disgusted. Can't say I blame her.

  Following a successful debut last week, Matt Riddle was shown celebrating backstage with Keith Lee. The two of them ran into Kassius Ohno, who called Riddle the "shiny new toy" of William Regal. Ohno said that he likes new toys as well because they are fun to break. Ohno left while Riddle and Lee continued on.

  A video package aired for the upcoming WarGames match between The Undisputed Era and The War Raiders, Pete Dunne, & Ricochet.

  Up next was a video filmed by Johnny Gargano on his phone outside of Full Sail. He finally revealed that he chose to attacked Aleister Black before NXT Takeover: Brooklyn because he wanted to be the one to  defeat Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship. Black being in their match simply got in the way of those plans. Gargano says that he is still the hero and the good guy in this situation. Although he believes that he is the good guy, Johnny says that he has learned that you've got to play dirty in NXT sometimes. Gargano even says that he may deserve a Black Mass kick to the face, but he isn't scared. In fact, Gargano is beginning to embrace the darkness. Johnny pointed out the exact spot where he left Black laying several weeks ago and vowed to do the same at NXT Takeover.

  Bianca Belair and Mia Yim face each other next week.

  NXT General Manager William Regal announced that there will be a singles match pitting one member from both WarGames teams against each other. The winner of that match will gain the advantage for their team during the WarGames match next weekend.

The Velveteen Dream vs. Lars Sullivan -

  Both of these men believe that they have earned an NXT Championship match, but it will be The Velveteen Dream who will be getting the shot against Tommaso Ciampa for the title. Dream has got a mighty challenge ahead of himself before that match takes place as he took on the monstrous Lars Sullivan in the main event of this week's NXT show. Upset that he did not receive the title match, Sullivan did all that he could to take out The Velveteen Dream.

  Dream tried to get a head start by running right after Sullivan, but the big man stopped him. Following some devastating strikes and slams, Sullivan and Dream battled outside of the ring, which ended up seeing Sullivan throwing Dream's back right into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Sullivan continued with his onslaught and did not allow Dream to get in any offensive moves.

  He tossed Velveteen Dream all around the ring, literally sending him from corner to corner. He grabbed Dream by the head and began to wear him down as the NXT fans in Full Sail fiercely encouraged Dream to get back to his feet. Once again, The Velveteen Dream was sent outside of the ring by his opponent. Once he got back in the ring, Sullivan to take down the NXT title's number one contender, and The Velveteen Dream even began to fade away and close his eyes shut.

  With whatever he still had left, Dream powered out and tried to fight back. He hit Sullivan with a kick right to the jaw before sending him down with a dropkick from high in the air. Dream then stormed up to the top of the ring post in the corner and dove right on Lars with a Missile Dropkick. Velveteen Dream went for a pin after this, but Lars kicked out at two. 

  Undoubtedly eager to make a statement prior to his championship match against Tommaso Ciampa. Dream picked up Sullivan and briefly placed him on his shoulders. It appeared as if he would be attempting to hit the Dream Valley Driver on his opponent, but Dream was far too exhausted and Sullivan proved to be much too heavy in order for the maneuver to be executed. Sullivan picked him up and slammed him down as hard as he could before going for a pin attempt of his own. It certainly seemed like this would be the end for Velveteen Dream, but against all odds, he still managed to kick out.

  Lars' next trick was to go up to the top turnbuckle and dive onto Dream with a diving headbutt, which he has used to get the win on several of his opponents in the past. Dream woke up and hit a superkick to stop the headbutt. He met Lars up top the ring post, but he was shoved back down. Sullivan was then able to do the diving headbutt, but good ol' Velvey moved out of the way just in time. Sullivan tried to tackle Dream in the corner, but he again dodged the move, sending Lars crashing into the ring post. Somehow, someway, Dream placed Sullivan onto his shoulders and hit the Dream Valley Driver!

  The Velveteen Dream went up top to hit the Purple Rainmaker elbow drop, but his efforts were thwarted when Tommaso Ciampa suddenly ran down to the ring. Dream dove onto his Takeover opponent. Upon reentering the ring, Dream was immediately hit with a Freak Accident, which was enough to get Lars Sullivan the victory.

Winner: Lars Sullivan

  Sullivan disappeared after the match was over, but Ciampa entered the ring and proceeded to beat down The Velveteen Dream. He could be heard yelling at the Dream and saying that he doesn't get to share the spotlight with him. Miraculously, The Velveteen Dream continued to fight for himself. He executed a Sister Abigail on Ciampa, sending his face into the NXT Championship in the process. Although referees stopped Dream from hitting the Purple Rainmaker, he was able to run back into the ring and successfully hit the move before posing in the ring with the NXT title, which thrilled the fans in attendance.

  In case there was every any doubt beforehand, The Velveteen Dream is now a clear fan-favorite heading into his match against Ciampa. There is now only one more show left to go before NXT Takeover: WarGames takes place. Will any additional matches be added to the card, and what are the closing remarks on the already announced matches? Those answers will be revealed during next Wednesday's show as the NXT roster prepares for the event and the return of one of the most historically brutal matches in wrestling history. I'll see you NXT time!

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