WWE RAW Results 11/5
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WWE RAW Results 11/5

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WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE RAW is a taped show from Manchester England tonight. Here is the latest from WWE to get you ready for the show: 

Advertised for the show include Braun Strowman seeking revenge on Acting RAW GM Baron Corbin for his role in aiding Brock Lesnar's victory in the Universal Title match at Crown Jewel. RAW Women's Champ Ronda Rousey responding to SmackDown Women's Champ Becky Lynch threatening to rip her arm off at their Survivor Series match. Elsewhere, Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley will renew their rivalry with the Riott Squad. Another match between Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor is also on the card, as well as enemies Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as RAW Tag Team Champs. 

RAW Opening Segment

We open with the RAW roster on the stage. A line of security guards man the front of the ramp. Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin comes out to the ring, boos raining down upon him from the crowd. We go to a video package of Corbin at Crown Jewel, attacking Braun Strowman before the Universal Title match and enabling Brock Lesnar to emerge victorious. 

Corbin welcomes the crowd to Monday Night RAW, and they loudly boo him. Corbin tells them to not be alarmed by the added security. He’s just a high profile guy. We’re coming up on a very exciting time of the year. He’s not talking about Thanksgiving. He’s talking about Survivor Series, the one time a year RAW and Smackdown go head-to-head in competition. The new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will face the WWE Champion AJ Styles. RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey will face Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. We’ll also have a 5-on-5 tag team elimination bout. Every match is a chance for RAW to show it is the dominant brand. RAW has a score to settle. The commissioner of Smackdown, Shane McMahon, stole the title of “Best in the World” from RAW and Dolph Ziggler. That will be addressed next week by RAW’s commissioner, Stephanie McMahon. Corbin says RAW will be dominant at Survivor Series, which will most likely make him permanent General Manager.

To ensure RAW proves its dominance, they need a real leader. Corbin will be the captain of Team RAW. His managerial duties won’t allow him to compete in the match, so he’ll put together the most dominant team imaginable. The first two members of RAW’s Survivor Series team are Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. The crowd boos them. Corbin says he’s chosen a third member for the team: Braun Strowman. Corbin understands that Strowman might be upset with him, but in the end he’ll understand that what he did was a teaching lesson. Strowman needs to learn to respect authority. Once Strowman gets that in his head, he’ll be the team member they need at Survivor Series.

For the women’s team, he needed a manager with great skills. Choosing all of the members to RAW’s women’s team will be their captain… Alexa Bliss. Bliss thanks the future permanent General Manager. She’s humbled. She’ll take more of a management role than competing. Given her unprecedented success as a 5-time champion, they could all learn a lot. She will be watching the women closely tonight. They will not lose to the B-show, not on her watch. In an Evolution rematch, The Riott Squad will face Natalya, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Corbin likes the way she thinks. Bliss says she could get used to this.

Kurt Angle’s music hits, and the General Manager (who is technically on vacation) makes his way to the ring dressed to compete. Angle says competing in the WWE World Cup lit a fire in him. Last year, he led Team RAW to victory at Survivor Series. Angle wants to compete again this year. Corbin says this year, he makes the decisions. Corbin tells Angle to take a permanent vacation. Angle says when he was in charge, they settled things in the ring. When he was in charge, he’d step up and compete. How about he has a match against Corbin? If Angle wins, he’s not only part of the team at Survivor Series but also the team captain. A “YES” chant fires up. Angle asks what kind of leader Corbin is. Corbin never steps up. Corbin is an embarrassment to Monday Night RAW. Corbin angrily agrees to Angle’s stipulations. Angle says the only way Corbin is going to Survivor Series is on crutches when he breaks his ankle. “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!”

  Corbin tells the crowd to cut Angle’s music. Bliss goes to continue speaking, but Braun Strowman’s music hits. Strowman angrily comes down to the ring and annihilates the security guards! Strowman chases Corbin out of the ring and up the ramp. Jinder Mahal tries to cut him off, but Strowman takes him out and fights through the RAW roster. Backstage, Strowman is angrily looking around backstage and scares a stagehand. Strowman says when he finds Corbin, he’ll get these hands. We go to break. 

Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya vs Riott Squad

We go to the ring and out first comes Natalya. She's wearing The Anvil's glasses. Sasha Banks is out next, followed by Bayley. They all head to the ring together. Out next comes The Riott Squad - Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott.

The bell rings and a brawl breaks out as The Riott Squad attacks at once. Ruby misses a Riott Kick as the ring clears out but Natalya drops her into an early Sharpshooter. Liv and Logan provide assists, allowing Ruby to turn it around for a 2 count. Natalya goes to the floor as Logan tags in. Logan unloads against the apron and sends Natalya into the barrier as the referee counts. Logan brings it back in for a 2 count. Liv comes in and ends up getting a 2 count after a kick. Liv tosses Natalya to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Liv keeps control of Natalya. Liv takes it to the corner and unloads as the referee warns her. Liv misses in the corner but stops Natalya from making the tag. Sasha gets the hot tag and decks the others on the apron. Banks with a dropkick to Liv and more offense. Banks with a knee to Liv from the apron and the double knees to Logan on the floor from the apron. Banks goes back in and hits the double knees from the top rope to Liv. Banks with a Backstabber into the Banks Statement but Ruby runs in and kicks her in the face.

Bayley runs in but Ruby sends her out of the ring. Banks and Riott go at it now. Banks with a knee to the face. Bayley tags in and nails a running knee to Ruby in the corner. Banks follows up with knees in the corner as they double team Riott. Bayley hits the turnbuckles but still tosses Riott to the apron to hang her up over the second rope. Bayley runs the ropes and takes out Liv and Logan on the floor with a dive. Ruby comes right over with a STO to Bayley on the floor. Riott brings it back into the ring for a 2 count on Bayley. Natalya rallies the crowd for Bayley now.

Bayley counters a suplex and rolls Riott for a 2 count. Riott comes right back to turn it around for a 2 count. Riott keeps Bayley grounded now. Bayley looks to fight back but can't turn it around. Logan comes in and keeps up the attack. Bayley fights up and out but Logan launches her into the second rope face-first by her arm. Logan with another 2 count. Ruby yells at Bayley to stay down. Liv comes back in and works Bayley over. Liv with a dropkick for a 2 count. Liv tosses Bayley out of the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Logan dropkicks Bayley for a 2 count. Logan works Bayley over and taunts her. Natalya and Banks try to rally the crowd. Logan pushes Banks off the apron but Natalya avoids the shot. Natalya gets the hot tag, running over Logan and knocking the others off the apron. Natalya with a German suplex to Logan. Logan elbows Natalya but Natalya counters and slams her face-first for a 2 count as Ruby breaks it up. Banks runs in and takes out Ruby but Liv takes her out. Natalya with the lariat to Liv. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter on Logan and gets it locked in from the middle of the ring. Ruby appears at ringside with The Anvil's sunglasses in her hands, threatening to break them. Natalya stares at her and lets up off the Sharpshooter. Ruby breaks the glasses and Natalya gets emotional. The Riot Squad laughs and leaves together as fans boo them. Natalya cries and picks up the pieces as Banks and Bayley console her.

Winners: No Contest

We cut backstage where Braun Strowman is still looking for Corbin. He storms into a bathroom and knocks all the stall doors open, kicking a locked one in and yelling at WWE writer Ryan Ward, who was just trying to poop in peace.
Back from commercial, we get a recap of Shawn Michaels’ return to in-ring action.

Apollo Crews gets a picture-in-picture promo where he talks about people telling him he has potential, and tonight he’s gonna start stacking up victories and show everyone why he’s Raw’s human highlight reel.

Apollo Crews vs. Jinder Mahal
Circling, Mahal with a front kick, overhead elbow, punch in the corner, whip across, up and over, handspring away, leapfrog, drop down, drop kick gets one for Crews! Jinder dumps him to the apron, eats a shoulder throws, slingshot back in, Singh brothers run interference and Mahal clocks Apollo with a knee to the face! Knee to the back, looking for a submission, having trouble locking it on so he grabs a reverse chinlock momentarily.

Half nelson chinlock applied, Crews escapes, jockeying for position, military press drop and gets the victory with a military press drop into a standing moonsault.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Back from commercial, Seth Rollins makes his entrance and we get a recap of Dean Ambrose turning on him two weeks ago.

Seth gets in the ring and takes in the “Burn it down!” chants for a moment before speaking.

He says as ridiculous as his three-belt setup is, he planned on also bringing a giant trophy to the ring, but things didn’t go his way in the WWE World Cup. On top of that, Baron Corbin, our scumbag GM, helped Brock Lesnar of all people to regain the Universal Championship. After how hard Roman Reigns worked to take that title back, how hard he’s fighting now, that’s a slap in the face to everyone in the locker room and everyone here tonight.
And he’d tell Brock that to his face, but he’s not here tonight, shocker. But you know who is here? Dean Ambrose. It’s hard to believe the Shield was on top of the world a few weeks ago, and last week Dean didn’t even have the guts to stand in the ring across from him, and he doesn’t have the guts tonight either. Rollins says he’s here to talk about the tag titles, that it’s probably impossible for him to defend two titles at once.

Baron Corbin appears on the tron and says he disagrees, he thinks Seth can defend two titles at once, and infact he wants Rollins and his partner to defend them right now...in a handicap match against the Authors of Pain.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Handicap Match

Seth Rollins vs. The Authors of Pain
Akam to start, Rollins with a go-behind and an escape once he’s made his point. Akam with the double leg into the corner, tag to Rezar but Seth is game to fight two-on-one! Looking for a DDT on Akam, Rezar runs him over with a lariat and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Authors hit a knee drop Demolition Decapitation for two! Smashing Rollins’ face into the mat, Akam grabbing a reverse chinlock, whip reversed and Seth eats the turnbuckles hard! Cover gets two, dragging him into the corner with a front chancery to tag Rezar in. Body blows set up a neck crank, takedown into punches, tag to Akam, off the ropes for Last Chapter but Seth counters with boots up!

Lariat puts Rezar to the floor, punches and chops for Akam, whip revered, duck lariats, suicide dive on Rezar! Pass Akam to the floor, off the ropes again... Another Suicid Dive! Back in, springboard lariat, off the ropes, Sling Blade connects, diving blockbuster follows, only two! Kick to the gut, setting Blackout up but DRAKE MAVERICK runs interference .AoP ready to finish, Rollins with a Frankensteiner, superkicks for everybody, perched up top... Frog splash can't keep the title in his hands! Going for Blackout... Rezar counters with a Powerbomb! Tag made, suplex lift to set him up...

Authors of Pain win by pinfall with a powerbomb / neckbreaker combination.

Winners: New RAW Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain

The new tag champions take their leave, and Dean Ambrose enters through the crowd wearing a jacket that looks like he’s been sleeping in an abandoned quarry. He asks if Rollins wants to know why he did what did before shaking his head and backing off... DIRTY DEEDS! Ambrose heads up the ramp, pausing at the stage before leaving. Seth recovers and crawls to the ropes and hobbles up the ramp, determination on his face.

We get a replay of Becky Lynch’s promo calling Ronda Rousey out from SmackDown last week.

Commentary hypes up Angle/Corbin and we go to break.

We get a look at how Braun Strowman destroyed security trying to get to Baron Corbin earlier tonight. Corbin is backstage with Charly Caruso now. She asks if he's afraid of the consequences he will face if Strowman catches him. Corbin says he didn't run and he's not afraid of Strowman. Corbin will be there if Strowman wants a match but Strowman wants to destroy him, not wrestle, and he's not letting that happen. Caruso reveals that Corbin set up a make-shift studio in a storage room for this interview. Corbin says she just told the world where he is. Strowman appears and takes out more members of the security team as Corbin retreats to safety. Strowman walks off looking for Corbin.

Dolph Ziggler Addresses The Crown Jewel World Cup Tournament
We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler. He says Shane McMahon is not the best in the world, despite how the WWE World Cup tournament ended. Ziggler says we are looking at the best in the world. He goes on about how once again he dominated and proved he's the best but what happened? The conspiracies kicked in. He talks about how Drew McIntyre was ejected from ringside, how a SmackDown referee allowed The Miz to attack him from behind and how Shane bullied himself into a tournament he wasn't even in... Ziggler is interrupted by the sound of Elias' guitar.

Elias starts playing under the spotlight as the arena goes wild for him. Elias says the crowd reaction is the respect he deserves. Elias addresses Ziggler's complaints and is going to sum it up real quick - Ziggler is a loser. Elias mentions Oasis and how the Gallaghers said they would reunite because of his song. Ziggler interrupts but Elias tells him to shut up and let him sing. Elias performs his latest song and takes shots at Ziggler with the lyrics. Ziggler challenges Elias to come say it in his face and here he comes as the crowd pops. We go to commercial as Elias walks to the ring.

Back from the break and we get a quick look at The Lucha House Party. We cut to a backstage promo from The Revival, who knocks The Lucha House Party for bringing kicks & flips to RAW. They say the RAW tag team division has no room for The Loser House Party and they will send them back to 205 Live where they belong.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Elias

We go to the ring and this match is beginning. Back and forth to start off. Ziggler connects with a dropkick and talks some trash. Elias turns it around and drops Ziggler with an elbow for a 2 count. Elias takes Ziggler back to the mat and keeps him grounded.

Ziggler turns it around with a cheap uppercut out of the corner. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ziggler keeps Elias down with a bodyscissors now. They tangle some more on the mat. Ziggler with strikes after they work to their feet. Elias with a mule kick from the corner. Elias goes to the top and goes for a big elbow drop but Ziggler rolls out of the way. Both men are down as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ziggler has Elias down in the middle of the ring. They fight up and Elias blocks a neckbreaker with a backslide for a 2 count. Ziggler with an uppercut and another pin attempt for 2. Ziggler talks some trash and pushes Elias around. Elias tackles Ziggler and rocks him. Ziggler fights back and stomps on the knee. Ziggler rakes Elias' face across the top rope as the referee warns him. Ziggler with shots in the corner now. Elias fights out of the corner and Ziggler fights back. Ziggler with a neckbreaker.

Ziggler stands over Elias and shows off some. Ziggler drops an elbow to the chest for a 2 count. Ziggler keeps Elias grounded with another submission, telling the referee to ask him if he quits. They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring now. Elias drops Ziggler with a shoulder tackle. Elias unloads with stomps in the corner. Elias keeps control but Ziggler misses a counter after an Electric Chair and they tangle back & forth. Elias droops Ziggler with a jumping knee for a 2 count. Ziggler counters a move but misses a boot. Elias counters and nails the sitdown powerbomb for a close 2 count. They get up and trade more strikes. Ziggler unloads and rolls Elias up for a 2 count. Elias blocks the Zig Zag. Ziggler dodges a knee and hits the Zig Zag for a close 2 count as Elias gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Ziggler argues with the referee about the count as fans pop. Ziggler shows frustration as the crowd rallies for Elias. Elias catches Ziggler and nails Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias
Still to come, Ronda Rousey will address her Survivor Series opponent. Back to commercial.
Back from break and Charly Caruso is backstage with Kurt Angle to talk about tonight's match with Baron Corrbin. Angle says he knows Corbin's weaknesses and he knows how to beat him.

RAW Women's Champ "Rowdy" 
Ronda Rousey Addresses SmackDown Champ Becky Lynch

We go to the ring and out comes RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey as the announcers hype her Survivor Series match with SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch.

Fans chant Rousey's name before she takes the mic. Ronda brings up how Becky said she would rip her arm off at Survivor Series. Ronda gives Becky some props and fans chant her name briefly. Rousey praises Becky for her performance at WWE Evolution and says Becky has her respect but Becky better not confuse her respect with weakness. Rousey says she is the last woman who Becky wants to disrespect. Ronda knocks Becky for going to clown college and being a stewardess. Rousey says she loves the new Becky and the new attitude but it will take a lot more than a new attitude to beat her. Rousey says she is a natural born killer and in two weeks, she wants Becky to bring all of her angst, her rage her pent-up resentment, everything she's got because Ronda wants a challenge. Becky may say she's The Man but Ronda is the baddest b---h on the planet, she says. Rouse drops the mic and her music hits.

Rousey is about to leave the ring when Nia Jax's music interrupts and out she comes. Jax says Ronda is all fired up and got her going in the back. Jax says Survivor Series is like Evolution, she's fighting for the entire RAW locker room, not just herself. Jax knows Ronda won't let them down but after she makes Becky tap at Survivor Series, Jax will be waiting for her. Champ. They stare at each other and Rousey laughs. The music interrupts and out comes Ember Moon to the ring. Cole leads us to a video package on WWE's new partnership with Girl Up.

Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon

We come back from the video as Nia Jax and Ember Moon stare each other down in the ring. Back to commercial.
Moon with a go-behind, Jax throws her off, float over a slam, leg kicks, chipping away at the larger woman but Nia whips Ember clean to the floor! Throwing her back inside, Moon meets her with a dropkick, handspring forearm in the corner, bulldog countered, duck a lariat, off the ropes with a crossbody but Jax swats her to the mat! Stinger splash, a biel, another Stinger splash and a biel to go with it as well!
Cover gets two, cobra clutch to follow it up, wrenching her down for maximum torque but Moon fights out with back elbows, duck a lariat, going for a schoolboy but Nia drags her to her feet with a goozle! Shrugging off kicks, Jax wipes her out with a headbutt and follows it up with Snake Eyes! Freight train lariat on the charge, off the ropes and the leg drop comes up empty when Moon rolls out of the way!
Kicks to the midsection, staggering Nia, Shotei connects, springboard crossbody gets two and Ember lets out a primal scream! Falling lariat... Nope! Jax shoves her away, Moon ducks a Stinger splash, to the second, tornado DDT denied but an enzuigiri lands true. Off the ropes, pop-up Samoan Drop for the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax

Tamina interrupts the post-match, marching to the ring and getting in Nia’s face. They square off over Moon’s fallen body, Snuka looking down at her before drawing her up and dropping her with a Samoan drop of her own! Jax tells Tamina to turn her over, Tamina obliges with a Boston Crab and Nia hits a trio of elbow drops to the back! The two islanders hug and raise each other’s hand. Finn Balor is interviewed backstage. He says Bobby Lashley is the most powerful and explosive man he’s ever wrestled, and he’s getting more vicious every week. It didn’t feel good when “that runt” Lio Rush slapped him in the face, but walking into Manchester will feel good, because Manchester is Balor Club, and Balor Club is for everyone.

Back from commercial, commentary plugs WrestleMania travel packages. We cut backstage where an interview rolls up on Baron Corbin holding a car door handle. He complains that whenever Charly Caruso shows up, so does Braun Strowman, and he’s got an emergency appointment, so Kurt Angle won’t be wrestling him, he’ll be wrestling Drew McIntyre. On cue, Strowman shows up and chases after the car, but he’s not able to catch up and give Corbin These Hands. Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush make their entrance. Rush hypes up his man, saying Michaelangelo on his best day couldn’t sculpt art as nice as Lashley, and tells him to give Manchester his best pose... which is mooning the crowd without taking his trunks down. Lio says he’s not trying to insult them, just show off his well-developed glutes and hamstrings. The crowd boos and Rush says they went and did it, and now Bob’s gonna beat Finn Balor up again. Finn makes his entrance, but we go to break before the match begins. Back from commercial in time for the bell!

Bobby Lashley vs. Finn Balor

Circling, Lashley in with a kick, smashing Balor into the turnbuckles, a right hand, a stomp, choking him over the top rope and breaking at referee Darrick Moore’s command. Snap suplex, only two and Finn fights back from against the ropes, right hand, off the ropes, shotgun dropkick sends Bob to the floor, off the ropes... Lio Rush tips him up!

Lashley capitalizes, grounded punches get one and he follows it up with a reverse chinlock. Breaking for a quick cover and right back into the hold before moving on to punches in the corner and a choke, again breaking at the last moment as Moore counts. Boot up on the charge, off the ropes for a forearm, sunset flip counters a powerbomb, double leg into the double stomp!

Chop in the corner, whip reversed, up and over, caught on Bob’s shoulder but Balor slips out and hits the Sling Blade! Waiting for him to rise, shotgun dropkick countered with a lariat! Finn to the apron, going for the enzuigiri but again Lashley’s got him scouted and clobbers him with a back elbow! Delayed vertical suplex from the apron back in... Nope!

Backbreaker rack countered into a pinning predicament... Lashley kicks out! Kick from the apron, Balor goes up top but Rush runs interference and gives Bob enough time to get up and duck the dive! Pass to the floor, Finn wipes Lio out with a dropkick through the ropes and squares him up... only for Lashley to intercept and ram him into the barricade! Back inside, up with the gutwrench and a Yokosuka Cutter for the victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Drew McIntyre makes his entrance before Lashley, Rush, or Balor can clear out. He squares up with Bob and dares him to make his move! Lashley backs down at Lio’s behest, and they leave Finn to the giant Scotsman. McIntyre helps him up... Claymore! We go to break before his main event match against Kurt Angle can begin.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up an appearance from Stephanie McMahon next week, as well as Alexa Bliss announcing the Raw women’s Survivor Series team and the return of Brock Lesnar. Kurt Angle jumps Drew McIntyre before the bell, forcing him into the corner and putting boots to him until referee Chad Patton backs him off!

Drew McIntyre vs. Kurt Angle

We’ve got a bell and Angle presses the attack further until McIntyre snaps off a headbutt that knocks him clean to the mat! Mounted punches, putting boots to him in the corner, big chops follow and into a kneeling armbar. Kurt fights to his feet but Drew takes him right back down and scrapes the bones of his forearm across the Olympic gold medalist’s face to boot.

Angle rises, right hands, off the ropes and he gets cut off with an elbow for two. Neckbreaker to follow and right back to the armbar. Wrenching it in but Kurt rises to his feet and throws forearms to break. Whip to the corner, Angle sidesteps the charge and hits the Angle Slam only for McIntyre to roll to the floor as we go to break.

Back from commercial, McIntyre gets a nearfall off a neckbreaker and follows it up with a stomp to the extremities. Deadlift straight suplex gets two more and Drew follows with a short-arm lariat before going back to the kneeling armbar. Taking him into the corner for punches and boots to follow, snapmare back into the armbar, continuing to try and grind the legend down.

Angle gets to his feet, out with elbows, slipping over a slam and the rolling German suplexes commence! Angle ducks a lariat... and runs right into a Claymore! Drew refuses to capitalize immediately, kneeling in the ropes, a sinister smile playing across his face as he rises to his feet. Angle trying to fight back into it and McIntyre asks if this is the legendary Kurt Angle.

Angle shoots in, Drew clubs him down and stomps his arm! Lying down next to him, face to face, McIntyre stares a hole in him, squaring him up, offering his leg up! Angle shoots in again, and this time Drew rains hammerfists down on his back as he blocks! McIntyre draws Kurt up and demands he look him in the eyes and calls him an embarrassment to himself and his family!

Angle fighting mad, he shoots in, picks the leg, and he’s got the ankle lock in the middle of the ring! Kurt wrenches it in, Drew’s got nowhere to go but he manages to roll through and kick him off! The damage done, he tries to slap some life back into his ankle and rises to his feet, hobbling... McIntyre steals the Angle Slam. He puts Angle in his own submission move, The Ankle Lock. Falling back, grapevine the leg and it's over! Drew McIntyre wins by submission with an ankle lock.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre leaves with a smirk on his face as Angle tries to regather himself. That’s how RAW goes off the air, folks.

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