More on How Long Owens Will Be Out For & The Surgery He Needs

More on How Long Owens Will Be Out For & The Surgery He Needs

By sonofgod210 · Friday, October 12, 2018 · 0 Comments

Kevin Owens
According to Dave Meltzer in a recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kevin Owens is expected to be out of action for at least four to eight months with his upcoming knee surgery.

WWE shot an angle this past Monday on RAW with Bobby Lashley turning heel and injuring both of Owens' knees to write him off of TV. While there was a report from POST Wrestling that the hope is that the knee surgery will be a minor procedure, Meltzer noted that the full damage won't be known until his knee is opened up. While it is hopeful that Owens will just need his knee to be cleaned out, it is possible that he will need major surgery.

It is being said that Kevin Owens is expected to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery next week when it will be determined if he needs minor or major surgery. He has been working with a bad knee for a while now so it might not be significant but wrestling with the injury also could have made it get worse over time. Since debuting in 2014, Owens has not had to take any substantial time off due to injuries.

If this happens to be a major surgery, he is expected to be out for eight months, while the timetable is four months if the procedure is minor.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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